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CALMAC Announces Supporting Sponsorship of International Living Future Institute


CALMAC, a leader in energy storage systems, today announced that it has joined the International Living Future Institute as a supporting sponsor. The organization promotes restorative and renewable building and infrastructure solutions, aligning with CALMAC's vision for a sustainable future.

“This was an easy decision for us. Organizations like this provide much of the driving force behind the global sustainability initiatives that have bolstered green building,” said Mark MacCracken, CEO of CALMAC. “We strongly believe in the Institute's vision for a sustainable future and want to contribute to that mission.”

The International Living Future Institute administers the Living Building Challenge, one of the most rigorous performance standards for buildings, landscapes and communities. It is also the parent organization for Cascadia Green Building Council, a network of 14 branches throughout Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon that helps promote green building laws and regulations at the regional level.


CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation is transforming how energy is used at buildings to the time energy is used. Widely recognized for promoting peak energy conservation and energy cost savings CALMAC is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA). CALMAC is the manufacturer of IceBank® Energy Storage equipment, with over 4,000 Ice Storage installations worldwide. IceBank systems are a valuable component of the smart grid, enabling energy, including renewable wind energy that mainly blows at night, to be efficiently stored for use during periods of high demand.

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