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Datamation Systems Announces First Charging, Syncing, Storage and Security Solution for iPad Minis


With Apple's announcement of its new iPad Mini, schools and institutional technology users are looking at small form factor devices as a mobile alternative to full-sized tablets. Datamation Systems has announced the first storage and security cabinet that is purpose-built for the iPad Mini and other 7” tablets.

NetSafe7: The first security and storage solution made for 7" tablets (Photo: Business Wire)

NetSafe7: The first security and storage solution made for 7" tablets (Photo: Business Wire)

The cabinet will store and secure up to 16 devices -- Minis, Kindles, Nooks, Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab and other 7” tablets -- and will be provided in both charge and sync-charge versions. Its compact design is both space-efficient and secure, providing an economical alternative to larger cabinets and carts designed for notebooks and full-sized tablets.

“Using a full sized cart for these compact devices is a waste of space and material, ” said Joe Mazza, Datamation Vice President. “Now customers will have a choice of something made specifically for this new technology and how it is used.”

The sync-charge version of the DS-Netsafe7 will include a state-of-the-art USB hub created by Cambrionix, the leader in mobile charging and connectivity technology. The hub will sync through iTunes, Apple Configurator and other USB programs. It will also act as a universal USB charger and is “future-proof,” having user-updatable firmware.

“When combined with our other charging and security solutions, our customers can create the perfect ecosystem for their iPad and other technology deployments,” said Mazza.

The DS-Netsafe7 is an important part of a suite of iPad and tablet solutions offered by Datamation Systems, the nation's leading provider of technology carts, cabinets and security.

Datamation Systems carts and cabinets are used in thousands of schools, libraries, hospitals and offices.

The new DS-Netsafe7 and other products will be available from major computer companies, or directly from Datamation Systems. Additional information can be found at Datamation's iPad and Tablet security webpage.

Since 1963, Datamation Systems has been a leader in security carts, cabinets and anti-theft devices that protect tablets, notebook and desktop computers, printers, projectors and AV equipment. They also provide multi-bay battery chargers to manage battery use in classrooms and other settings. Visit Datamation Systems' web site at

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