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Dr. Kevin Wildenhaus, Leader in Health Innovations and Behavioral Science Joins HealthTeacher, Inc. as Behavior Change Advisor


HealthTeacher, Inc. announced today that Kevin Wildenhaus, Ph.D., Vice-President of Science and Innovation at SocialWellth, has been named as a senior advisor to HealthTeacher, Inc., the interactive leader in youth health.

“I am really happy to be working with an innovative company like HealthTeacher,” said Kevin Wildenhaus, “One of the exciting challenges in health research is demonstrating the power of primary prevention as opposed to secondary intervention. We all know that health habits form early in life. HealthTeacher is committed to establishing good health habits early in our kids using an innovative four-step process: providing knowledge, developing skills, changing attitudes, and fostering habits that will benefit them for a lifetime.”

Kevin will serve as an advisor in the areas of behavior change, healthy habit formation, and program outcome research. Previously, Kevin served as Senior Director of Science and Innovation at Wellness & Prevention, a Johnson & Johnson Company. In addition to his specialization in health psychology and behavioral science, Kevin has served as Team Psychologist for the Pittsburgh Steelers for more than a decade.

“Kevin Wildenhaus is a leading authority on health innovations and programs that positively impact the health and well-being of consumers,” said Scott McQuigg, CEO of HealthTeacher, Inc. “He uniquely understands how to optimize health promotion and prevention efforts to drive successful outcomes. Kevin will add extraordinary value and insights as HealthTeacher continues creating the tools and resources kids and families need to live life well.”


As Vice-President of Science and Innovation at SocialWellth, Kevin Wildenhaus is responsible for directing all activities related to program design and compliance, reporting and analytics, solution optimization and measurement and client performance services. Before SocialWellth, Kevin worked at Wellness & Prevention Inc., a Johnson and Johnson Company, where he was the Senior Director of Science and Innovation and led a team of clinical, organizational and educational psychologists, physicians, health educators and biostatisticians. Prior to that, he was the Director of Behavioral Science and Data Analytics at HealthMedia, Incorporated. Kevin holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University, a Master of Arts in Psychology from the University of Dayton and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bowling Green State University.


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