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SnapNrack Brings 1MW of Solar Power to San Rafael Airport


SnapNrack, a leading manufacturer of solar panel racking systems, today unveiled a 1MW solar system at San Rafael Airport in San Rafael, Ca. SnapNrack overcame limited roof space, sub-optimal roof orientation and varied building design to provide a customized racking system that supplies the majority of the power the airport uses today.

SnapNrack developed a unique racking system that spans the entire roof of each building, providing a single plane and angle. This evenly dispersed the load of the modules and complied with the building design load requirement. The SnapNrack engineering team worked closely with Russell Pacific, the contracted supplier for materials, and the solar installation contractors to design this unusual but effective system.

“No two solar installations have the same needs, and San Rafael Airport underscores our product team's ability to provide custom solutions that are also a good deal,” said Chris Oestreich, Director of Product at SnapNrack. “Thanks to flexible features and efficient materials, SnapNrack can overcome a laundry list of design challenges to provide affordable solar electricity with quick installation.”

The final system at the San Rafael airport had over 4,600 modules installed on 51 buildings with 12 different designs. A built-up substructure was created to support the rail and modules on the North facing roofs from 1.5 inch galvanized steel pipe and was then attached to the buildings structural supports; mimicking the standard 200 Series ground mount. In the end, this unique system went in as planned and on time thanks to the Series 200 racking system by SnapNrack.

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SnapNrack, a subsidiary of Mainstream Energy Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of solar panel racking systems, with more than 100 megawatts deployed across the U.S. SnapNrack offers a full suite of PV mounting systems for residential and commercial customers, offering fast and elegant solutions for any roof or ground project. For more, visit or call 805.540.6999.

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