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Black Republican PAC Releases Second Television Ad in Battleground Wisconsin


The Black Republican Political Action Committee (BRPAC) today announced the launch of a second television ad urging voters to compare the values of Barack Obama and the Democrat party to the values of their community before they vote November 6th.

The television ad, titled “Vote Your Values” will air on multiple television networks in the Milwaukee area and follows the first ad released in September that highlighted the devastating economic effect President Barack Obama's policies have had on blacks in America. The new ad features policies derived from the values of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party that directly contradict the family values that are the foundation for so many in the African American community.

BRPAC Executive Director Edward Cousar said, “We intend to challenge black voters to engage in hard dialogue. We want them to clearly consider whether another four years of the current administration is consistent with their economic needs and cultural values.”

There is no denying that this administration has let down the black community on critical economic issues like job creation and economic security. Now we are urging black voters to take an honest look at the values-based policies of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. Are abortion, gay marriage and efforts to remove reference to God from the Democratic platform, consistent with your political values as a black voter? If the answer is no for many black Americans, we need to revisit the 90-percent support we award the President and our overwhelming loyalty to the Democratic Party,” concluded Cousar.

“Vote Your Values” is BRPAC's second ad in battleground Wisconsin for the 2012 cycle. BRPAC has spent $60,000 of their $100,000 advertising budget in concentrated black neighborhoods in Milwaukee. The ads are running on BET, ESPN, MSNBC, The Oprah Winfrey Network and Oxygen.

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About BRPAC: Black Republican PAC is dedicated to spreading our Republican principles and ideas in the black community. Republican values of personal responsibility, limited government, low taxes, and traditional family values are what black America needs to rebuild and indeed thrive. Black Republican PAC advances these values by contributing to black Republican candidates and engaging in television, radio, and mail campaigns where we can make a difference on behalf of black Republicans. For more information visit

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