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Finding Heightened Brand Experience at 70kft


Dallas-based Stratosphere Creative has shed its former skin to reveal 70kft. With a record year in incremental and new business growth, 70kft matured into its new name and added top talent to the team to befit its big-brand client roster. The small, tight-knit firm serves a diverse and notable client list including Verizon Terremark, NTR Metals, Headwaters MB, Balcones, Armstrong Cabinets and Aquasana.

2012 represents an epic level of growth for 70kft. Closing a specific industry gap, 70kft formally complemented its strategic graphic design roots with public relations and Internet marketing. The agency refers to its design, public relations and Internet marketing scopes as a means of delivering every brand's core needs.

“Credibility, tangibility and reachability represent the epicenter of our agency's three key marketing disciplines,” said Gus Granger, founding principal and director of creative & branding. “Great design makes a brand tangible. Solid PR positioning delivers a credible voice. And Internet marketing stands key to a brand's reach.”

Earlier this year, to deliver on its vision, 70kft handpicked a team from around the country with a distinguished and exceptional skillset. The agency says its multidisciplinary team shares a commitment to brand strategy and immersion that yields credible and measureable brand reach.

70kft's current standing can be traced back to 2009. For other agencies, 2009 represented tremendous financial losses, but 70kft profitably weathered the storm. That year, the agency's principal owners saw an emerging shift in the balance of power between traditional marketing and target audiences. With the emergence of social media and digital media content, target audiences now had on-demand control over the push-pull marketing forces.

“That change in the brand communications ecosystem happened right in front of us,” said Audrey Reed-Granger, principal of public relations & marketing. “The morphing push-pull dynamic has been flipped completely on its side and has poised agencies such as 70kft with a unique opportunity. Our three core competencies fulfill the most important lenses of today's brand senses – graphic design, public relations and Internet marketing.”

70kft began integrating search engine optimization (SEO) with its in-house development processes in 2009 to naturally support the agency's website design competency. Search engine marketing organically fell in tandem with the initial SEO push. The agency then recruited a super power in the form of a director of Internet marketing who had mastered both the world of development and search engine algorithms.

“I was working on search engine optimization before Google existed,” said Jack Williams, director of web development. “We set our agency apart from others through our process transparency and our commitment to immersive research. We literally create a roadmap for our clients to be found. We're not about quick wins but rather real-time, flexible solutions.”

The agency maintains a humble manner despite some major achievements. 70kft oversees design for arguably the world's most reputable cloud computing and IT infrastructure brand, as well as PR for the nation's top-rated home water filtration system. Furthermore, the agency recently increased a high-end real estate property's reach and conversion by 120 percent.

“I'm sure the reality of 70kft winning and retaining big-brand clients makes some larger agencies scratch their heads. Our secret weapon is that we have been there, seen that and done the big-agency and corporate route. So we deliver best practice thinking in a lean environment without all of the bureaucracy or inflated budgets,” said Granger.

70kft is currently recruiting new marketing standouts and, accordingly, expanding its downtown Dallas office space.

About 70kft

70kft, a Dallas, Texas-based brand communications agency, addresses specific branding needs for established and emerging brands all across the country. The nine-year-old agency fulfills the unique service niche of expertly delivering three essential brand hot buttons: design, public relations and Internet marketing. Veteran industry strategists lead each of the agency's three core disciplines. And, because 70kft is independent, it painlessly collaborates with other agencies to meet client needs without infighting or posturing. For more information about our philosophies and heightened thinking, visit

Amanda Lam, 214-653-1600 ext. 110

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