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New York Wholesale Clothing Warehouse Launches Wholesale Web Sites for Africa


New York wholesale clothing business connects African retailers and wholesalers with American brand name products.

(PRWEB) August 28, 2012

New York wholesale clothing business, Closeout Explosion, has launched web sites that wholesale brand name clothing, shoes, and handbags to the African market.

While there are many New York wholesale companies with African customers, what makes unique is that it has set up specific web sites, and published online articles, aimed specifically at the African clothing market.

For example, it publishes articles on to specifically market American brand name products to Nigerian clothing businesses.

It has also developed relationships with freight forwarders that can deliver on a door to door basis to buyers located in Africa.

With wholesale clothing buyers ranging from suit boutiques in Nigeria, shoe stores in Kenya, dress shops in Ghana,and wholesalers in South Africa, this innovative New York clothing wholesaler has developed a unique business based on supplying brand name American designer labels to wholesalers and retailers based in Africa. It sources brand name wholesale merchandise by purchasing department store overstock and store returns, buying out clothing businesses, and approaching designers in the New York Garment district.

Wholesale clothing in New York varies from designer international labels to generic labels, and many more subcategories within those primary categories. What makes the business model of unique is that in addition to being very familiar with both the New York wholesale clothing market and the needs of African wholesale fashion buyers, it also offers links to other products, such as wholesale and closeout electronics. For instance, it has a web site devoted to wholesale iPod, iPad, iPhone, and other Apple computer products.

“The demand along for wholesale dresses in New York is very large, and what I have found is that dress buyers are often also in the market for wholesale suits, urban, mens, kids, and womens clothing. This demand is especially strong in the African countries which are experiencing rising income levels due to the high level of educational and professional career paths that many of its citizens embark on,” stated Donny Lowy, who is the CEO of

Many African countries are experiencing economic booms due to the combination of several factors, including a high level of natural resources, government reforms, strong educational priorities, advancement in telecommunications, and international cultural and socioeconomic relationships that Africans have within their borders, across Africa, and with expatriates living abroad. The African consumer who has now been exposed to American brands such as Tahari, Jones New York, Kasper, Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Kenneth Cole, now has the buying power and the desire to purchase these brand name products.

“Through the utilization of a wholesale e-commerce web site, and an actual NY wholesale warehouse in which customers can make their own selection, my closeout business has enabled boutiques from Lagos, Accra, Nairobi, Kampala, Gaborone, and many other African cities to purchase the actual wholesale apparel which is suitable for their particular market,” added Donny Lowy, who is also a published author that has been interviewed by Entrepreneur Magazine, and is featured on many wholesale business web sites.

“In the past an African store owner would have needed to visit the New York Fashion District, which is centered around 34th st and 7th ave. She would then need to spend days walking in and out of wholesale showrooms looking for items which might be lucrative in her area. But I have made the process much easier by displaying the types of items that I carry, and the actual prices that she would need to pay. Now instead of spending days dealing with middlemen, she can visit my Brooklyn wholesale warehouse, and purchase products that are aimed at her clientele. By having extensive long term business relationships with my customers, I am able to learn what type of corporate suits a Nigerian banker might need, or the style of office shoes that an office worker uses in Kenya,” Donny Lowy remarked.

According to main stream publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Africa offers many business opportunities for American small businesses and entrepreneurs. Closeout Explosion can help businesses explore the potential of these quickly developing markets, by helping American brands sell their products in Africa, and helping them make contacts through which future business opportunities can develop.

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