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Learning how to sell scrap gold isn't as difficult as it may seem, thanks to the all new "Gold Profit Formula" from Absolute Wealth.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 15, 2012

According to today's article, learning how to sell scrap gold when it's price is so high will be the most lucrative decision a person could make. People will be shocked when they realize how much money they can make in a day with a little work and know-how. With scrap gold at over $1,600 an ounce, that old box of Grandma's earrings and Grandpa's pocket watches are being looked at in a whole new light.

That's why Absolute Wealth has released the world's most complete wholesale gold and silver buying system with the “Gold Profit Formula” Training Course. It shares the reasons why a personal gold buyer will always outperform the biggest gold buying stores, pawnshops, and TV gold dealers. That spells instant dividends for anyone who takes the course, said the article.

The multiple videos, audio recordings, and digital resources offered by “Gold Profit Formula” are full of valuable information. The course provides a tried and true business model that will instantly begin building wealth with the first gold purchase made, said the article.

Scrap gold can be found in obvious places, like estate sales and flea markets, but it can show up in some of the oddest places imaginable, the article said. A $75 box of computer CPUs from a hauler can be refined for up to $3,500. Five pounds of wire ends from a scrapped jet airplane can value at $8,000. Silverware, coins, dental work: scrap is everywhere!

“Gold Profit Formula” shows how to find the best sources of gold that people can't wait to part with. They'll gladly do so for 40 cents on the dollar while still feeling good about the money they made. The course also gives the knowledge to instantly identify what types of pieces will get good money, and what pieces should be avoided for their lack of value.

Absolute Wealth is an expert team of real investors and advisers devoted to identifying winning strategies for exceptional returns. Members subscribe to the Independent Wealth Alliance for professional investment analysis and recommendations on the latest trends and progressions. For more, visit

Getting started in the gold business is encouraging, with gold prices soaring to such great heights and scrap gold and silver producing such strong profits. There's no reason to miss out on the lifetime of extra cash buying and selling precious metals can award, said the article. Learn how to sell scrap gold and start banking with the “Gold Profit Formula” today.

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