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Graffiti Indoor Advertising Celebrates 28 Years in Business with New Web Design


Graffiti Indoor Advertising, the world's oldest restroom advertiser, is proud to announce the development of a new website powered by Drupal built by Nashville's Horton Group.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) April 09, 2012

In business since 1984, Graffiti Indoor Advertising Company has boasted a long history of advertising expertise and professional consulting services. In celebration of the valuable and influential years, with the design and development help from Horton Group, Graffiti is launching their new website.

Graffiti Indoor provides a unique venue for client messages, advertising in restrooms. Graffiti Indoor boards are found in the restrooms of Middle Tennessee restaurants, night clubs, health clubs and other high traffic venues. The advertising medium seeks to target specific demographics in a relaxed and clutter-free environment. Typically, the Graffiti Indoor framed ads are mounted above the urinals in the men's room and inside the stall doors in ladies' room.

Aside from their wide variety of host venues, Graffiti delivers effective, low-cost advertising by targeting customers by age, gender, lifestyle, income, and ZIP code. Due to the ad locations, their target audience includes adults with disposable incomes which helps to illustrate why the advertising is so beneficial for businesses.

This isn't the first time that Graffiti Indoor Advertising, the world's oldest restroom advertiser, and the Nashville-based marketing experts at Horton Group, have teamed up. Graffiti's old website, developed several years prior, was unable to keep up with the constantly changing technology which provided the impetus for a transition to a Drupal website built by Horton Group.

Drupal is an open-source content management system, that utilizes the knowledge from an international network of developers allowing for rapid growth and multi-faceted problem-solving. Horton Group prides itself on being a Drupal provider because of the excellent reputation it has for being a flexible and scalable solution to business owners and entrepreneurs. Drupal has powered sites as influential as The White House, The Economist and more.

Graffiti Indoor Advertising has launched their new website with a myriad of new features all designed to increase user-functionality and improve the longevity and custom features for the future. Some of the new capabilities include showcasing a featured client throughout the website in addition to providing a clean format to review all of the Graffiti clients. The homepage slideshow is also much more dynamic allowing the company to change the captions and photos as often as they'd like. They also have an interactive photo gallery designed to highlight their product in various locations.

In their 28 years of business, Graffiti Indoor Advertising has been well known throughout North America and continues to provide quality advertising for local businesses. There have been many duplicate companies throughout the years but Graffiti has been around the longest and will continue to offer advertising at affordable costs with superior industry knowledge.

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