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Internet Users Have Virtually Zero Online Privacy Says


(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 14, 2012 ) Manchester, UK -- The majority of worldwide internet users browse the web with the presumption that a certain amount of online anonymity is preserved. There is the presumption that no-one else is aware of what web sites are visited, videos watched, or emails sent. But according to Online, users do not have nearly as much online privacy as they think they do.

Internet users have virtually zero online privacy, said an Online spokesperson. Extremely detailed Internet Service Provider (ISP) logs are maintained, which track every single movement you make online. These logs can be accessed with ease by police forces and Government agencies without your knowledge. Every video that is watched, forum posted on, email sent, and website visited is logged by your ISP.

As a result of this, many internet users are looking for solutions to protect their privacy when surfing the web. One common method for this has become the use of VPN/Proxy based software that enables users to mask their IP address and location.

In addition to protecting privacy, a popular reason for using such IP masking services is for the ability to access major media websites located abroad. For example, the BBC provide a wide range of free TV shows available to watch online via their iPlayer service. However, this is only available to UK residents and visitors with a US IP address are unable to access the content. IP masking services have the potential to allow visitors to appear as though they are located in the UK, and thus enabling them to watch UK TV in USA.

The use of IP masking software is a controversial issue. People may wonder what people have to hide if they want to mask their IP address. But at the same time, web users do not want to have each and every one of their movements tracked. According to there needs to be a balance between protecting the security of individuals and protecting their privacy.

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