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Study Aid - New iPhone App Enables Students to Upload Study Notes to iTunes and Convert Their Notes to Flash Cards


Coeur d'Alene, ID, March 14, 2012 – A major digital upgrade has been made to the time honored and highly effective study aid, the flash card.  QRscanit, Inc. has created a new app that will be available on iTunes called FlashCardQuizzer at the end of April 2012.  

'This is a feature rich application that allows students to create their flash cards in a number of different ways,' says Michael Weir, President of QRscanit, Inc.  'To create their flash cards, students can use a speech-to-text feature available on the iPhone, they can upload their data through iTunes using simple text files, or they can simply enter the data using the keypad.'

The application will allow students to set up multiple sets of cards (based on subject matter), shuffle their flash cards to provide for fresh quizzes, ignore cards that they have answered correctly, add images to their cards, edit cards as needed, wirelessly share their cards with their study partners and much more.

The application will also allow for students to sync their iPhone or iPad with iCloud in order to keep a current set of flash cards on all of their synced devices.'This really is a great study aid,' says, Weir. 'This allows students to easily convert their study notes to an intelligent mobile platform that will be with them where ever they go. ' 

More information about this new iPhone study aid can be found at   To watch a video demonstrating the features of this new flash card app, go to

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