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LTX-Credence Announces Diamondx, the Next Generation Testing Platform for Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP)


NORWOOD, Mass., March 19, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LTX-Credence Corporation (Nasdaq: LTXC), a global provider of market focused, cost-optimized ATE solutions, today announced its next generation test platform, Diamondx.

The Diamondx represents breakthrough reductions in both capital and operating costs in testing application specific standard products (ASSP). ASSP devices constitute the largest segment of non-memory semiconductor devices and provide critical functionality in a broad range of electronics including mobility, consumer and automotive products. The size of the test market for ASSP devices in 2011 was approximately $600M.  With the introduction of Diamondx, LTX-Credence extends its served part of this market segment by over 65%.

With the transition of the semiconductor market to a consumer driven industry, there is constant pressure on semiconductor manufacturers to improve device performance, reduce costs and get new products to market faster.  Diamondx has been specifically designed to meet these challenges.  A recent report from the industry association International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) reinforces the importance of considering capital acquisition and operating costs when determining the overall cost of test.  Diamondx dramatically impacts the cost of test equation for our customers by not only enhancing tester throughput with faster test times and increased multi-site test capability, but also by delivering significant reductions in capital and operating costs compared to product offerings from other vendors serving this market. 

There are three key elements to the Diamondx architecture to meet the current and future test requirements for ASSP devices.

  • Small footprint, energy efficient, air cooled infrastructure and instruments
  • Compliance with Integrated Multi-System Architecture (IMA) technology – enabling the purchase of just the right amount of infrastructure for current needs and upgrading slot count on the production floor if or when required
  • Extremely high speed data bus, based on PCI-Express-2 industry standard to support high data, high site count and the emergent adaptive test data payload requirements

In addition, the Diamondx leverages a wide range of instrumentation from the existing Diamond and X-Series platforms.  Diamondx also supports the recently announced DragonRF, the next generation, high-performance RF solution.  The recently announced Unison test program development environment runs on the Diamondx along with our existing Diamond and X-Series test platforms, bringing to customers a seamless environment across multiple test platforms.

LTX-Credence is also announcing the Diamondx SerDes instrument, Dx-HSIO, offering 8-Lanes of SerDes test capability to 6.4Gbps.  Testing of embedded clock SerDes lanes can now be accomplished at price points that historically were only reached by customized solutions.  The Dx-HSIO allows for parametric testing of SerDes Tx and Rx ports at price points that fit the mobility and consumer ASSP markets.

"We have been working with a number of key customers, both in getting their inputs to help define Diamondx capabilities and giving them early access to this new tool.  The launch of Diamondx is well underway, with purchase orders already in house for testers and deployment imminent at key OSATs to support the volume ramp of our customers," said David Tacelli, president and chief executive officer at LTX-Credence. "We are excited to publicly announce this innovative test platform at SemiCon China as interest from our Asian customers has been high for this tester.  Diamondx provides a significant opportunity for them to lower their cost of test and provides a compelling alternative to the expensive big iron, liquid cooled testers they currently use," continued Mr. Tacelli.  "Our customers around the world are telling us they are excited that an ATE manufacturer has listened to them.  With the positive feedback and reaction so far, we expect the Diamondx to be a key part of our product portfolio well into the future."

About Diamondx

Diamondx is a universal slot architecture that allows for 20-slot, 40-slot and 60-slot configurations which can be upgraded on the production floor, using LTX-Credence IMA (Integrated Multi-System Architecture) technology.  In addition, Diamondx has the following features:

  • Diamondx can accommodate over 5000 pins and be configured with the following instruments:
  • 96-channel digital instrument featuring 200 Mbps operation with per-pin timing, formatting, levels, PMUs and scan
  • Audio and Video DSP instrumentation with four channels each of analog source and measure covering audio and video applications, in a single slot instrument
  • DragonRF providing up to 64 precision Vector Ports and 16 parallel measures, enabling simultaneous octal EVM measurements. Additionally a two to one port expander is available for 128 pin RF test
  • 8 Lanes of 6.4Gbps SerDes test; 8 differential receive and 8 differential 6.4Gbps channels with 128M symbol memory and built in jitter generation and PRBS/BER
  • Range of high-density VIs with 16 or 72 channels of high-precision DPS, voltage/current source and measurement capabilities, enabling efficient, cost-effective multi-site testing
  • Concurrent Test Support, enabling the testing of multiple digital ports, SerDes, analog and RF in parallel
  • PCI-Express2 Data Bus configured for up to 80Gbps bi-direction transfer between system CPU and test-head
  • IMA Compliance; the ability to integrate multiple Diamondx test heads on-site, bringing the ability to scale the test head slot count up to meet pin count requirements of multi-site and or new devices

About LTX-Credence Corporation

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