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Donald du Toit Releases Household Medical Manual


Cape Town, 8 February 2012 - Are you an individual that has a loved one that is aging? Have you been wondering how to prepare for different health concerns? Donald du Toit announces the release of 'Household Medical Manual for Seniors and Aged'.

'Household Medical Manual' is a comprehensive ebook that provides the senior with rapid retrievable, comprehensive, evidence-based information and science, to facilitate an ethical and sensible discussion regarding treatment issues, risks and informed-consent with the specialists. Author Donald du Toit has compiled a highly comprehensive guide for seniors and the aged that will prove to be handy at all times. It provides elders with the necessary medical information they seek before seeing and preparing for the specialist consultation.
Household Medical Manual provides features on aging which details:

  • Aging process and principles of geriatric medicine
  • Guide to informed-consent with your doctor
  • Value of a living-will and informed directive
  • End of life decisions: 'Last chapter'.
  • Women's diseases
  • Human-rights and self-determination and much, much more.

Author Donald du Toit does not stop there. This informative ebook for seniors and the aged in manual format, empowers the individual to ethically make up his/her mind and weigh treatment options from the professions; control and influence his or her future and terminal care; make decisions in 'hopeless situations', where futile interventions will only prolong suffering, be financially not viable and reduce quality of life.

Household Medical Manual reveals different types of diseases, how to handle pain management, cancer and the principles of geriatric medicine. For those people that have someone that is a senior or is aging and are interested in the Household Medical Manual, you can find out more about this ebook by visiting the website at -

About Donald du Toit
Donald du Toit is a doctoral alumnus of the Universities of Oxford (Wolfson College), England and Stellenbosch, South Africa. Qualified DPHIL (OXON)., PHD., MB.ChB., FCS., FRCS. Emeritus and Previous Academic Chairs in Surgery , Anatomy and Research. Past medical teacher, Principle Investigator (PI) and researcher with the MRC.

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