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Which Degree Guarantees a Graduate Job Asks Graduate Recruitment Bureau


Now university applications have closed for 2012 how do students know if they have made the right decision for the next 3 years of their life? Fear not, read on to see the stats that show the top degrees that pay according to Graduate Recruitment Bureau. (Source: GRB)

Brighton, UK (PRWEB UK) 2 February 2012

Now university applications have closed for 2012 how do students and parents know they have made the right choice? Fear not, read on to see the stats to show the top degrees that pay according to Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB).

The UK University Admissions body, UCAS, received 462,507 applications from families looking to improve their employability. That's a lot of late night discussions (or arguments) about which degree course to choose especially now that fees have escalated. After all the door slamming, shoulder shrugging and hair pulling to make the final decision, how can parents and students be confident they have chosen well?

Fear not, the researchers at Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) who have been kick-starting the careers of thousands of graduates since 1997 can help. The question repeatedly asked by anxious parents is “Which degree guarantees a top graduate job?" Let's cut to the chase and reveal that it is Computer Science. There, the cats out of the bag; study a Computer Science degree and a well-paid graduate job is guaranteed, let's all go home now. Well, not quite. Over the last five years, Computer Science graduate placements are indeed top of the pops but only account for 17% of the total so it's not a landslide.(Source: GRB)

Next up is Business then Mathematics, Economics and Physics. Taken together, these five subjects account for 58% of placements so the bigger picture is starting to emerge (see attachment). Choosing a numerate subject is where it's at. Can't fail. A dead cert. Yes, for the majority, in GRBs experience, this is the case but wait, is all lost if a student opts for an Arts degree? Do these kind of graduates get jobs?! Yes of course they do. These future graduates will have just as much to offer to the right employer however what can happen, especially if they have no relevant work experience, is that they can end up in non-graduate jobs and there's the rub. Universities are being held to account for the employability of their graduates so applicants should be seeking this information too in order to make the right selection of course and university among over 100 Universities in the UK clamouring for their business.

If, however, students choose to ignore all this advice and instead opt for a degree subject that they simply love and are naturally good at then who are any advisor to say that a University experience will not give a person a “return on investment”? University is so much more than getting a certificate. It's about developing a habit for learning, critical thinking, growing up, indulging in a subject to know everything about it, having fun and making friends for life. Whichever path this new generation embark on they can be safe in the knowledge that they are part of a privileged generation able to enjoy one of life's greatest opportunities the UK can offer.

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