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Xerocole DNS WorX Makes Carrier DNS Programmable and IPv6-Ready


Xerocole, the intelligent broadband DNS company, today announced Xerocole DNS WorX an all-in-one DNS management system that enables broadband network operators to support IPv6 and DNSSEC, monetize non-existent domain errors, and deliver personalized services to subscribers. Xerocole's DNS WorX platform enables carriers to avoid costly and time consuming network redesign and development projects by providing both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS capabilities in a flexible, programmable, subscriber-aware package. Xerocole scales easily to handle carrier traffic loads and introduces new patent pending capabilities that make DNS faster and more manageable.

“Managing our DNS infrastructure for performance, availability, and IPv6 requires a patch work of traditional systems that are expensive to acquire and maintain. This would further burden our technical team, which already is dealing with a full queue of responsibilities,” said Tod Herchenroether, Manager ISP Engineering for Consolidated Communications.

“Xerocole DNS WorX addresses all our DNS needs with one system and handles network complexities so we don't have to. It even provides a better subscriber experience when encountering a network error and allows us to deliver personalized services based on user preferences. The product is a money saver and revenue generator for our business, what more can you ask for?” he added.

All-in-One, Wire Speed, Carrier Grade -- DNS

DNS WorX is a carrier-scale DNS management system alternative to do-it-yourself open source BIND and to highly priced solutions like Nominum DNS. Xerocole redefines DNS total cost of ownership using a platform subscription model that serves as a net revenue generator when all the DNS WorX applications are deployed. Xerocole combines comprehensive DNS management capabilities with dynamic DNS policy control and network operator level support to establish a new standard of value for carriers.

DNS WorX unifies the following capabilities in one solution:

Seamless IPv6 Support: IPv6 will flood carrier networks with a massive increase in IP address lookups. DNS WorX manages IPV6 reverse mapping of IP addresses to matching URLs at wire speed for unmatched network security and scalability.

Search Monetization: DNS WorX provides a unique error redirect service which can increase yearly operating profit by $1 per subscriber. It allows service providers to present subscribers, an opt-in basis, with a useful search landing page from partners like Yahoo! that contains suggested links based on information entered in the address bar.

User Aware Services: DNS WorX uses a patented subscriber access mapping system that can permanently attach a user's preferences (like opt-in/opt-out) to their account. Since DNS WorX is also programmable down to the subscriber level, carriers can present individual users with an array of personalized services.

Subscriber Notifications: Using subscriber access mapping and programmability, DNS WorX enables carriers to present subscribers with policy-based in-session notifications. Sample applications include automatically warning users if they are about to fall victim to a Phishing attack, presenting them with a bill pay notification, or alerting them of a possible copyrighted content usage violation.

“The migration to IPv6 and co-existence with IPv4 is a huge technical and financial challenge for broadband network operators,” said Frank Bergen, CEO of Xerocole.

“We have developed a DNS management platform that not only takes the pain out of supporting IPv6, but can also handle all carrier DNS needs, monetize non-existent domain errors and enable personalized services based on subscriber's pre-stated preferences,” he added.

Pricing and Availability

Xerocole DNS WorX is available immediately from Xerocole. It is priced on a subscription basis that includes 24 by 7 support on a per subscriber per year basis, and hosting and set up for landing pages. When fully deployed, DNS WorX becomes a net revenue generator for the carrier at approximately $1 /subscriber per year.

About Xerocole

Xerocole enables network operators to deliver intelligent broadband DNS services. The company's products address one of the biggest challenges facing service providers today: migration to IPV6 and DNSSEC. Xerocole unifies DNS management so carriers can seamlessly support IPV6, provide policy-driven non-existent (NX) domain responses for search monetization and deliver subscriber-aware services. The company saves service providers money while allowing them to deliver faster, personalized and more reliable internet access services. Xerocole technology is currently being used to support more than 30 million subscribers. Xerocole's management team has been developing carrier scale infrastructure solutions for 15 years at Sandvine, Simplicita, Openwave Systems, and For more information visit

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