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CIA Bin Laden Unit Chief Endorses Rep. Ron Paul


Scheuer supports “founders' foreign policy wisdom,” notes Revolution PAC.

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) January 02, 2012

Top Republican presidential contender U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has been endorsed by former head of the CIA's “Bin Laden Unit” Michael Scheuer, reports Revolution PAC. In his endorsement, Scheuer backs Paul's longstanding non-interventionist foreign policy views and warns of bankruptcy and increased hostility toward Americans both at home and abroad should current bipartisan foreign adventurism continue.

Scheuer writes, “Any other Republican candidate or a reelected Obama will keep lying to Americans by claiming that we are being attacked because of our liberties, gender-equality laws, and elections rather than because of Washington's constant intervention in the Islamic world. This now two-decade-old lie – which is abetted by most of the media – has hidden from Americans the fact that all of the would-be Islamist attackers who have been captured in this country were motivated by the invasion of Iraq, U.S. support for Israel, or some other U.S. government action in the Muslim world.”

A 22-year CIA veteran, Georgetown University Security Studies adjunct professor and bestselling author, Scheuer blasts the Obama administration's reckless nation-building efforts in the Middle East and sounds the alarm on a Western first strike on Iran.

“Indeed, Washington, Tel Aviv, and London are already conducting a lethal, covert-action war inside Iran which is killing Iranian nuclear scientists and destroying nuclear-related facilities, as well as trying to goad Tehran into reacting with violence and thereby give the West a casus belli,” continues Scheuer. “Such a war would be a financial and military disaster for the United States, and would be watched with glee by Russian and Chinese leaders who — while their countries would lose some trade with Iran during a war — would applaud another U.S. self-inflicted would that further erodes the already failing economy that is the base of American power.”

Scheuer notes that throughout the Republican primary campaign, Rep. Paul has raised more money from active duty military members than all other candidates, including Barack Obama.

“What we have not fully accomplished in eight centuries cannot possibly be attained in Egypt, Afghanistan, or elsewhere in the Muslim world in 6 weeks, 6 months, or six years, not least because none of those places separate church from state,” asserts Scheuer. “Dr. Paul's precise use of history and commonsense exposes the exorbitantly costly effort to build democracies in the Islamic world for what it is; namely, Washington throwing money down the drain for a cause that is impossibly lost from the start and one that will involve us in wars where we have no interests.”

Revolution PAC is supporting Ron Paul's consistent, constitutional message with targeted TV advertising, direct mail campaigns and innovative Web promotions complemented by billboards and radio ads in key primary states. Unlimited donations by individuals, businesses and organizations are being accepted by Revolution PAC to support that effort.


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