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CurrencyShares(r) Exchange Traded Products Declare Monthly Distributions


Rockville, Md, Oct. 3, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rydex|SGI today announced the distribution declarations for six CurrencyShares® exchange traded products: CurrencyShares® Australian Dollar Trust (NYSE: FXA), CurrencyShares® Mexican Peso Trust (NYSE: FXM), CurrencyShares® Canadian Dollar Trust (NYSE: FXC), CurrencyShares® Swedish Krona Trust (NYSE: FXS) and CurrencyShares® Russian Ruble Trust (NYSE: FXRU), and CurrencyShares® Euro Trust (NYSE: FXE).

Fund Name Ticker Declaration Date Ex-dividend Date Record Date Payable Date/Share Distribution
CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust FXA 9/30/11 10/3/11 10/5/11 10/10/11 $0.31359
CurrencyShares Mexican Peso Trust  FXM 9/30/11 10/3/11 10/5/11 10/10/11 $0.16969
CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar Trust  FXC 9/30/11 10/3/11 10/5/11 10/10/11 $0.01371
CurrencyShares Swedish Krona Trust  FXS 9/30/11 10/3/11 10/5/11 10/10/11 $0.17545
CurrencyShares Russian Ruble Trust  FXRU 9/30/11 10/3/11 10/5/11 10/10/11 $0.05779
CurrencyShares Euro Trust  FXE  9/30/11 10/3/11 10/5/11 10/10/11 $0.0369

Distributions are made to shareholders on a pro-rata basis (in accordance with the number of shares that are owned) only in the event that the interest earned by the Trust exceeds the sum of the sponsor's fee for the prior month plus other Trust expenses, if any. There is no guarantee that distributions will be made on a monthly basis.

CurrencyShares® offer investors and institutions a convenient and cost-effective method of gaining investment benefits similar to that of holding foreign currencies, including potential diversification1 and hedging benefits. More details about the products are available at

The sponsor of the CurrencyShares® Trusts is Rydex Specialized Products, LLC, d/b/a Rydex|SGI. The distributor of these exchange traded products is Rydex Distributors, LLC, an affiliate of Rydex|SGI.  Next Investments collaborated with Rydex|SGI in connection to all CurrencyShares® exchange traded products. Bank of New York Mellon (NYSE: BK) is the trustee of the Trusts and JPMorgan Investor Services acting through JPMorganChase Bank, N.A., (NYSE: JPM) London Branch is the depository for each Trust.

This information must be accompanied by a current CurrencyShares prospectus, which may be obtained directly by accessing the following links: CurrencyShares Australian Dollar (FXA); CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar (FXC); CurrencyShares Mexican Peso (FXM);CurrencyShares Russian Ruble (FXRU)CurrencyShares Swedish Krona (FXS), and CurrencyShares Euro (FXE). Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of each fund carefully before investing. Each fund's prospectus contains this and other information about the fund. Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest or send money. The CurrencyShares Trusts are not investment companies registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

About Rydex|SGI

Rydex|SGI manages approximately $22.5 billion in assets, including $7.4 billion in exchange traded product assets. The firm offers institutional investors and financial intermediaries a broad spectrum of traditional and non-traditional investment options that span four distinct disciplines: fundamental alpha (actively managed equity and fixed-income), alternative strategies, target beta strategies and ETFs. For more information call 800.820.0888.


Shares of each CurrencyShares Trust may not be suitable for all investors. The value of the shares of each CurrencyShares Trust relates directly to the value of the foreign currency held by the particular Trust. This creates a concentration risk associated with fluctuations in the price of the applicable foreign currency. Accordingly, a decline in the price of that currency will have an adverse effect on the value of the shares of the particular CurrencyShares Trust. Factors that may have the effect of causing a decline in the price of a foreign currency include national debt levels and trade deficits, domestic and foreign inflation rates, domestic and foreign interest rates, investment and trading activities of institutions and global or regional political, economic or financial events and situations. Shares of each CurrencyShares Trust can be bought and sold through a broker; as such, investors may be required to pay brokerage commissions in connection with a purchase or sale. There can be no assurance that an active trading market for the shares of any CurrencyShares Trust will develop or be maintained. For a more complete discussion of risk factors applicable to each CurrencyShares Trust, carefully read the particular Trust's prospectus.

Not FDIC Insured - No Bank Guarantee -May Lose Value.

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