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Jerusalem Students Tee-Up Careers at Country Clubs


Jerusalem Students Tee-Up Careers at Country Clubs

Hospitality College Students from Jerusalem, Israel Find New Opportunity at US Country Clubs. Broken Sound Club creates first-ever hospitality internship program with new students arriving from Hadassah Academic College.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) August 04, 2011

A prominent member of South Florida's Jewish community called the General Manager of his country club, John Crean, and asked a rather simple question. “Of all the international students that come to Broken Sound Club as part of its cultural exchange program, why has there never been a student from Israel?” Steve Winig asked.

The Broken Sound Club ( is a leading destination for hospitality students from around the world wishing to complete their professional internships. The Boca Raton community, in which Broken Sound Club is located, consists of one of the most densely populated Jewish areas outside of Israel.

And as a frequent international traveler, Steve Winig knew that Israel is especially well-known for its robust hospitality industry. To him, the lack of representation from Israel seemed quite impossible to explain.

For John Crean, known for his highly energetic and progressive management style, not being able to find the answer was equally exasperating. John called a meeting with Steve and his colleague from the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County (, Larry Altschul. John also summoned David Shaw, of Country Club Advisor, LLC, a specialty club-consulting firm located in New York to help find the answers.

Despite using their extensive contacts in the industry and community, the group could find no explanation whatsoever.

But John would not take “no” for an answer. He decided that Broken Sound Club would sponsor the industry's first-ever hospitality internship program specifically designed to attract hospitality students from within Israel. Steve and Larry endorsed the idea and Country Club Advisor was assigned to manage the program. With high hopes, all systems were “go”.

But a major problem developed: after months of attempts, there was only one small response from Israel. The reason? Besides the high cost of travel from Israel and the many competing opportunities closer to home, mandatory service in the armed forces precluded many students from choosing an extended overseas internship. Almost everyone gave up on the idea.

However, Dr. Shlomo Lampert, founder of the Hospitality Program at the Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem (, decided to keep the conversation open. After many consultations with his school and Carol Boettcher, Human Resource Director at the Broken Sound Club, Dr. Lampert eventually became convinced his students would benefit greatly. He personally traveled to the U.S. to investigate the program and finalize the details - and his new friendship with Broken Sound Club began.

This week, after two years of planning, six students from Jerusalem's Hadassah Academic College are now en route to Florida and New York to begin their internships with John Crean at Broken Sound Club and with Fresh Meadow Country Club ( in Long Island. Brett Morris, General Manager at Fresh Meadow, stated that his club' partnership in the program was a natural fit and he was extremely pleased to support it.

All of the students are currently enrolled in the school's hospitality undergraduate program, which offers a unique program focusing on the management of service organizations. Dr. Lampert has seen his department's enrollment grow from just 65 students to over 400 students in just four years and the trend continues.

Dr. Lampert states, “Hospitality on the international level is a fast growing industry characterized by very intense and multifaceted services. Our students will clearly gain a competitive advantage in the market by participating in this unique opportunity in which they learn about the luxury private club industry at the highest levels of operation.”

It is everyone's hope the students will return home with enhanced knowledge and skills for their future as well as first-hand understanding of American culture, business practices, and most of all, perseverance.


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