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The Official Green Tea Diet Promotes Healthy Weight Loss


The Official Green Tea Diet Promotes Healthy Weight Loss

The green tea diet creates a modest carbohydrate deficiency that forces the body to burn fat with the most natural and best fat burner found - green tea. It also inhibits carbohydrate absorption, suppresses appetite, levels glucose in the blood and improves mood. There's no other diet food with all the benefits of green tea.

Cherry Hill, NJ (PRWEB) August 03, 2011

Today America has a new weapon in the struggle against obesity with the release of the Official Green Tea Diet that's designed to help Americans gain control of their bodies and their destinies. The practical and scientifically-sound plan uses green tea fat burner qualities to improve results. The diet is being offered free of charge for a limited time at, and marks the beginning of what the website's leadership calls a food revolution.

The diet creates a modest carbohydrate deficit that forces the body to burn fat in order to obtain the energy it requires. Green tea is the core ingredient of the diet because it burns fat at least four percent faster, suppresses appetite and enhances mood in addition to other benefits that are ideal for weight loss. The Official Green Tea diet includes a detailed method for how to make green tea, reduce carbohydrates and increase activity level. Faithful use of the principles outlined in the diet makes weight loss almost certain according to Chief Operating Officer, Brian J. O'Malley.

More than two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese, of which one-third are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This startling statistic is more alarming when analyzed over time. Since 1960, the number of extremely obese has risen by more than 500 percent – there are 5.7 people per hundred who are extremely obese in 2011 compared to fewer than one per hundred in 1960. There was a 155 percent increase in the number of obese people but only a six percent increase of overweight individuals. The obesity problem is literally exploding in the U.S. The leadership of is disquieted by this trend and the pain it causes the obese. They developed the weight loss meal plan to utilize the natural weight-loss properties of green tea in an effort to help.

While there are many who have linked green tea and weight loss, none have specified a scientifically valid way to use green tea to help lose weight. As a green tea expert and life-long fitness enthusiast, O'Malley combined a considerable amount of research and testing with more than 30 years experience to devise the diet. The diet plan includes detailed guidelines for carbohydrate intake, activity level, and daily implementation including the amount and types of tea to use.

The Official Green Tea Diet requires the use of high-quality loose leaf green tea. Other types of teas frequently lack the required levels of polyphenols, theanine and tannin to stimulate thermogenesis to burn fat. Both premixed and bagged teas are generally lower grade teas without the abundance of catechins that have been scientifically shown to improve mood, protect against certain types of cancer, improve oral hygiene and safeguard against Alzheimer's disease.

“Green tea pills and bagged teas just don't work as well,” said O'Malley. “They don't have enough catechins to raise metabolism in my view. Many are made of 'tea dust' left over from loose leaf tea processing. Loose leaf is the best green tea that people have treasured worldwide for thousands of years.” Current scientific theory holds that the mild amount of caffeine in green tea may interact with its natural antioxidant catechins to raise the metabolism rate.

O'Malley says that a way to detect an inferior tea is the generic label “green tea.” There are between 200 – 300 varieties of green tea, and each variety has a unique name and method of cultivation and processing that affects the level of organic ingredients delivered by the tea. Whenever a tea is generically named “green tea,” that indicates the level of natural ingredients cannot possibly be known.

A two-pound bag of green tea combined with the Official Green Tea Diet protocol will likely cause most people to lose weight within three months. The diet is also designed to enhance the psychological aspects of dieting so many will find this diet easier to use over time.

The release of the Official Green Tea diet is only the beginning of a campaign to help Americans gain life-saving benefits at a nominal cost. A green tea lifestyle, website leadership contends, will save millions of people the pain and expense of manifesting avoidable illness. Green Tea Depot offers “hand-crafted health” that makes life more enjoyable and worthwhile.


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