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Canadian Pharmacy Big Mountain Drugs Aids Mothers Caught Up in the Domperidone FDA Controversy


Canadian Pharmacy Big Mountain Drugs Aids Mothers Caught Up in the Domperidone FDA Controversy

The FDA domperidone debate has left many breastfeeding mothers struggling with poor milk production with little or no options to increase their milk supply. In the meantime, American lactation specialists are pressuring the FDA to okay the use of domperidone for breastfeeding. In the meantime, Big Mountain Drugs can help.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) July 28, 2011

Prescription domperidone, also known as brand name Motilium, has been widely available in almost every country around the world except the US since 1978. Motilium was approved over 20 years ago in Canada, and is the gastrointestinal medication of choice to treat nausea and vomiting in most countries. More recently, Motilium, or generic domperidone, has been increasingly prescribed to stimulate lactation in breast-feeding women with a poor milk supply.

Even though the FDA's own division of gastrointestinal medications approved domperidone, and numerous U.S. clinical drug trials have demonstrated domperidone's safety and effectiveness in dealing with gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying) symptoms, the FDA has turned down the medication manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceutical's application for approval.

The regulatory agency expressed concerns with reports of cardiac problems and even death associated with intravenous (but not oral) use of the drug. In terms of domperidone for breastfeeding, the FDA pointed out that domperidone is excreted into breast milk and cites "unknown risks" to mothers and infants.

Many American doctor's and pharmacists question the FDA's position on Motilium, maintaining the drug is safe at commonly prescribed doses. They point out that there are no reports of cardio-related side effects of domperidone in the oral form, and that most drugs pass into breast milk in insignificant amounts, as is the case with the standard domperidone dose. The American Academy of Pediatrics has pronounced domperidone “usually compatible with breastfeeding.”

American lactation specialist Dr. Christina Smillie was one of many health professionals to enter the FDA domperidone debate. She wrote the FDA to protest their decision, saying it was "quite apparently issued without consulting any physicians who are expert in the field." Dr. Smillie feels strongly that domperidone for breastfeeding is safer than the FDA approved lactation drug metoclopramide, which has such "an unacceptably high rate of side effects" that she quit prescribing it to her breastfeeding patients.

Canadian pediatrician Dr. Jack Newman states on his Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute website that he has used generic domperidone safely with thousands of lactating women and will continue to do so, calling the FDA's refusal to approve the drug “a political statement”, and adding, "It's a shame for women in the US to be deprived of this drug.”

There is consensus that breastfeeding is the healthiest option for an infant, and more and more mothers are committed to breastfeeding their babies. It can be heartbreaking when a mother is unable to breastfeed her newborn. Some feel like they are failing their child, and missing out on the perfect early opportunity to bond.

Many American mothers struggling with low breast milk production are being referred to compounding pharmacies or online Canadian pharmacies to buy domperidone. Legitimate accredited Canadian pharmacies such as Big Mountain Drugs ensure their customer's safety by not selling domperidone without a valid doctor's prescription, and by having licensed pharmacists on staff and available for consultation.

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