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Possible Breakout Ahead For SLV

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July 14, 2011 (FinancialWire) (By Frank Kollar) -- Shares of the iShares Silver Trust ETF (NYSE: SLV) have been trading in a tight sideways band since its steep one-week sell-off back in early May.

SLV currently has a rising trend support line, from its initial lows at $33.32 to its most recent lows at $33.00. In addition, SLV is exhibiting a declining-trend resistance line, from rally highs of $37.60 to the most recent rally high of $35.75.

Those two formations create a pennant pattern for SLV, which typically break in the direction of the previous trend. In this case that trend was to the upside.

Gold bullion is again nearing its highs and a potential breakout. SLV could follow to the upside, but we recognize that is a risky trade, and sell stops must be used.

Support is for SLV is currently at $33.00.


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