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Koobface virus targets users of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. This malicious computer worm presents itself in a number of variants. The Koobface virus is always changing its mode of attack and is an ever-increasing threat to social networking fans. Currently, Facebook users are under attack from a specific Koobface variant. Infected computers fall into the hands of Koobface controllers. Using online computer repair from companies, such as My Cured Computer, users can rid their computers of the latest Koobface virus.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 16, 2010 – The latest and most sophisticated variant of Koobface, a computer virus which targets social networks, is attacking Facebook. Originally discovered in December 2008, a potent version of the virus hit Twitter and other social networks in spring and summer 2009. Updated tracking of the Koobface virus suggests that a specific strain (Net-Worm.Win32.Koobface.b) of the computer worm is becoming rampant on Facebook. My Cured Computer, an online computer repair company, is using remote repair and log-in technology to rid infected computers of the Facebook virus.

When Koobface infects a computer, the virus turns it into a useless machine. Koobface has recently started to manipulate the computer registry and trick a computer so that it does not recognize its own files. The virus will also try to collect personal data such as credit card information.

Savvy Koobface controllers lure social networking users into infecting their own computers. The virus is starting to attract users with new and more sophisticated ploys. Yet the original method for tricking users still works to spread the virus.

Facebook users will receive a message from their friend's infected computer. The message directs users to a link and then they will receive a request to download a video player. The download is an executable file that gets past most antivirus programs and infects a user's computer.

Koobface uses popular videos and messages to attract the most views such as breaking news about celebrities. The Koobface scheme does not even require hacking into a hard drive. Users download the virus and then transfer it unknowingly to their Facebook friends. The brains behind Koobface always alter the bad code and try to stay a step ahead of antivirus software.

Since every antivirus program cannot detect the Koobface virus, urges users with infected computers to seek live professional help to remove the virus. With their remote repair technology and live chat, can offer personalized service and rid computers of the Koobface virus within minutes of the first contact. The reach of the Koobface virus is ever-widening but the PC experts at My Cured Computer are ready for the challenge.

President/CEO of, Kendrek Moultry, has observed overwhelming concern among computer users about the Koobface virus.

"My Cured Computer has noticed a tremendous increase in requests for virus removal. Koobface is an extremely potent and widespread virus which poses a considerable threat to computer security and performance. Computers are starting to become so disabled that they won't recognize file associations or open programs and documents or even install removal tools," explains Moultry.

"The most disturbing revelation about Koobface is that it has infected computers that have antivirus software present. Users definitely need reliable, professional help to rid their computers of this tricky virus. Remote online repair and support lets users access expert help in the comfort of their home or office," adds Moultry. has valuable tips for computer users to help them deal with this latest onslaught of the Koobface virus.

Moultry suggests, "Always back up important files to be prepared in the event of a system failure. If you notice any suspicious behavior, have an extra slow computer, or encounter a program looking for credit card information, call or go to the website to chat live with an expert at My Cured Computer and take advantage of a free computer diagnostic."

Moultry points out that Koobface is causing so much havoc because of the popularity of Facebook. Yet he urges computer users to remain vigilant about potential viruses. There are additional rogue viruses such as Security Tool and Internet Security 2010 which attempt to obtain credit card numbers by running fake virus scans. A user should never try to register for these programs or give them their credit card information. If you have entered any billing information in these programs contact your bank and keep a close eye on your account, look for any suspicious transactions.

To receive online repair and support for infected computers, connect with My Cured Computer. For the latest information on virus removal, contact Kendrek Moultry. Start a live chat about Koobface Facebook virus with PC experts at

About, a leading source for online computer repair and support, has a team of PC experts with years of experience in virus removal. My Cured Computer has the technology and expertise to repair computers infected by Koobface or any known virus. No-charge diagnostics are available for every computer user. My Cured Computer can remove the Koobface virus.

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