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CohesiveFT's VPN-Cubed® Now Available for GoGrid’s Cloud Infrastructure


GoGrid, the cloud computing division of ServePath, LLC, and CohesiveFT (, the leader in on-boarding solutions for virtual and cloud computing infrastructures, announce the availability of CohesiveFT's VPN-Cubed, customer-controlled cloud security offering, in the GoGrid cloud. Enterprises looking to extend their compute capacity past their own data centers can now use the GoGrid Cloud with VPN-Cubed to provide a seamless and secure connection between their data center and their GoGrid cloud assets. The VPN-Cubed overlay network provides four key capabilities public cloud users currently cannot control: static addressing for the user's cloud devices; topology control by using VPN-Cubed managers as virtual routers; use of popular enterprise protocols like UDP Multicast for service discovery; and lastly encrypted communications between all devices on the overlay network.

“GoGrid's industry leading cloud offering combined with CohesiveFT's VPN-Cubed overlay network gives customers the ability to use the cloud for specific business purposes rather than open ended experimentation,” said Patrick Kerpan, Founder and CTO of CohesiveFT. “GoGrid customers can now leverage the security and control benefits of VPN-Cubed across their in-house IT infrastructure and the GoGrid Cloud.”

“We approach cloud servers from a cluster point of view providing users with greater management options over their assets," said John Keagy, CEO, GoGrid. "Management and control are key drivers when enterprises move infrastructure to the cloud That is why we are very excited about CohesiveFT's VPN-Cubed overlay network, our users can move assets to the cloud with added confidence.”

VPN-Cubed is the first commercial solution that enables customer control in a cloud, across multiple clouds, and between private infrastructure and the clouds. VPN-Cubed provides an overlay network that allows the customer control over addressing, topology, protocols, and encrypted communications for their devices deployed to virtual infrastructure or GoGrid's cloud infrastructure. VPN-Cubed gives customers the confidence and flexibility to utilize cloud computing by offering a layer of security that the customer controls inside of 3rd party environments.

GoGrid will begin offering CohesiveFT's VPN-Cubed images immediately. VPN-Cubed is deployed as cloud server(s) that provide a customer controlled overlay network capable of connecting GoGrid deployments with multiple cloud deployments, owned infrastructure, and private cloud environments. VPN-Cubed Free Editions will be available at no premium over GoGrid usage fees.

About GoGrid

GoGrid the leading Cloud Computing, hosted, Internet provider enables system administrators, developers, IT professionals and SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors to create, deploy, and control load balanced cloud servers and complex hosted virtual server networks with full root access and administrative server control. GoGrid server instances maintain the industry standard specifications with no requirement to learn and adapt to propriety standards. Bringing up servers takes minutes via a unique web control panel or GoGrid’s award winning API. Free f5 hardware load balancing and other features are included to give users the control of a familiar data center environment with the flexibility and immediate scalability of the cloud, a "cloudcenter." GoGrid won the coveted 2008 LinuxWorld Expo’s Best of Show award.

About CohesiveFT

Cohesive Flexible Technologies provides onboarding solutions for virtual and cloud computing infrastructures. CFT's Elastic Server platform is a web-based factory for creating, deploying, and managing custom multi-sourced servers comprised of horizontal, open source and third-party software components. Additionally the VPN-Cubed® packaged service gives customers control of networking in the clouds, across clouds, and between their private data center and the clouds. For more information, visit

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