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Michigan Entrepreneur Ren Carlton Launches Global Franchising Business, Dynamic Advisory Solutions


Almost exactly 10 years after founding Dynamic Advisory Solutions out of his basement with virtually no clients or business contacts, founder Ren Carlton launched Global CFOs this week. Global CFOs is a franchising company with the mission of expanding the Dynamic Advisory Solutions business model globally. Dynamic Advisory Solutions is a consulting firm that specializes in CFO and Controller services.

"After much debate, we decided that franchising is the only economically feasible way to expand our business outside of the Metropolitan Detroit area," stated founder Ren Carlton. "Although we have a number of clients outside of Michigan, we have had difficulty creating the growth that we enjoy here in Michigan. Even though our business is outsourced CFO and Controller services, our outsourcing still requires some degree of face-to-face interaction. Now that our brand is attracting more and more opportunities outside of Michigan, we needed to rethink how to capitalize on these opportunities. It is simply not cost effective for us to visit every out-of-state prospect that wants to learn more about our services."

Dynamic Advisory Solutions (DAS) is not just another accounting firm. DAS helps clients achieve their growth and profitability goals through a wide variety of CFO and Controller services. Most CPAs and accountants spend the majority of their time working on historical data and tax compliance. Although these services are important, it is only a component of what business owners need from their finance departments. DAS offers a comprehensive financial management solution, which includes:

  • Ensuring the accounting department is processing transactions properly
  • Producing timely and accurate information so management can make informed business decisions
  • Building a plan for achieving growth and profitability goals
  • Obtaining financing to achieve budgetary goals
  • Creating simplified reporting to manage overall business performance
  • Creating simplified reporting to manage employee performance
  • Providing continuous financial and strategic support

Ren also stated that DAS is somewhat recession-proof. “During a recession, struggling businesses need help returning to profitability. During an economic recovery, businesses need help managing growth. DAS is really a great business.”

Global CFOs officially started offering Dynamic Advisory Solutions franchises on January 29, 2010. For more information, please visit our website at

Ren J. Carlton, CPA, CSMC
President, Dynamic Advisory Solutions and Global CFOs, Inc.

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