DriveWealth Partners With Boon Investments To Offer Customizable Robo-Advisory Service

Chatham, NJ- December 6, 2016: DriveWealth, LLC, a U.S. - based broker-dealer, is pleased to announce its partnership with Boon Investments, Inc., a U.S. Registered Investment Advisor focused on creating customizable portfolios for investors in over 140 countries, with a focus on India.

Boon will offer clients efficient portfolios tailored to their investment preferences. Boon is taking a step forward in the advisory space by offering a level of portfolio customization different from traditional robo-advisors. With Boon, clients have the ability to choose specific stocks of companies they are interested in and Boon will incorporate those investments into their optimization strategy.

Boon is connected to DriveWealth through its Wealth Management set of APIs, which were announced over the summer. DriveWealth’s Wealth Management APIs give advisors the flexibility of choosing how they want to work with their customers by offering three levels of support: non-discretionary, blended, and fully discretionary. Boon provides fully discretionary accounts to their clients, which means that Boon will manage the strategy, trades, and rebalancing for their clients’ portfolios.

DriveWealth and Boon will kick off the partnership with a Private Beta Launch of the product in early December. The Boon robo-advisory product will become available to global investors everywhere in early 2017.

“What sets Boon apart from more traditional advisors is the freedom we afford our clients. We give investors the unique ability to invest in the companies they care about, while still maintaining a diversified portfolio designed to provide efficient returns. This way, we keep control of client portfolios exactly where it should be: with our clients,” said John Borkowski, CEO and Co-Founder of Boon Investments, Inc.

“Investing isn’t a ‘one-size- fits-all’ endeavor. Investors have different needs when it comes to the management of their finances and Boon offers individuals a unique hybrid investing solution where they can choose to include companies they like in their managed portfolios,” said Robert Cortright, CEO and Founder of DriveWealth.

About Boon Investments, Inc.

Boon Investments, Inc. is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Boon offers an automated investment service that makes it possible for anyone in the world to access state-of- the-art portfolio management. With Boon, clients have the ability to incorporate exciting companies of their choice into the portfolio allocation process. These choices are then combined with a diversified portfolio of assets to minimize client risk and provide efficient returns. Boon handles everything for its clients, from trade execution to dividend reinvestment to portfolio rebalancing.

About DriveWealth Holdings, Inc.

DriveWealth Holdings, Inc. is the parent company of DriveWealth Technologies, LLC and DriveWealth, LLC. DriveWealth Technologies, LLC is the technology service and financial education provider for DriveWealth, LLC., member FINRA and SIPC, is a mobile and global full carrying broker dealer for retail investors. DriveWealth provides a low cost, easy-to- use US equities investing platform to individuals worldwide. DriveWealth also partners with businesses around the world to offer its Brokerage as a Service platform, which allows global financial institutions to give their clients access to US listed securities.

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