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New Deal Offers Global Investors Quicker And Cheaper Access To The US Stock Market


DriveWealth Partners with Western Union Business Solutions to Offer Easy International Funding

Chatham, NJ May 18, 2016- A new partnership between DriveWealth and Western Union Business Solutions seeks to transform the way international investors access the US stock market.

Starting today, investors based outside the US will be able to fund their US investment accounts from their domestic or international bank accounts in any currency at the touch of a button. Not only will this save them hours, or even days, on a trade compared to traditional bank transfers, but it will also allow them to benefit from the more favorable exchange rates offered by the international payments specialist, Western Union Business Solutions.

This new deal will empower DriveWealth’s international clients by giving them the ability to instantly take advantage of new investment opportunities. When investors choose to make deposits through Western Union Business Solutions’ bank transfer service, they can fund their DriveWealth account in the currency of their choice directly from their own bank account, which will then be converted to US dollars. In addition, clients can easily access a foreign currency quote to gain an accurate understanding of their purchasing power.

DriveWealth is a US based broker-dealer that gives investors around the world the ability to invest in the US stock markets, allowing them to take control of their financial future and grow their wealth over time.

In the past, international investors were only able to use higher-cost, slower funding methods, such as traditional bank wires. Through the partnership with DriveWealth and Western Union Business Solutions, they now have a secure, reliable and efficient way to initiate electronic deposits.

Western Union Business Solutions is a global payments specialist moving money securely in over 300 currencies across 200 territories. It is responsible for making millions of international payments every day to allow global investors and businesses to trade and reach their financial aspirations.

”In today’s volatile markets, investors want to access opportunities immediately and need to be able to trade instantly. It is frustrating to see a promising opportunity diminished by a slow bank transfer or to have your purchasing power reduced by an unfavorable currency conversion rate. Western Union Business Solutions is committed to empowering its clients to move money across the world as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This deal will make the US stock market accessible to all qualified investors at the touch of a button, providing them with limitless opportunities to grow their personal wealth,” said Keith Miller, Director of FX Services at Western Union Business Solutions.

“DriveWealth provides individuals around the world with unprecedented access to the US stock markets. With bank transfer services provided through Western Union, we’ve made it even easier for investors to fund their accounts and get on the road to financial independence,” said Robert Cortright, founder and CEO of DriveWealth.

About Western Union Business Solutions

Western Union Business Solutions is part of Western Union, a Fortune 500 Company with a 140-year history and a financial network that spans 200 countries and territories. We are a global leader in domestic and cross-border payments and serve businesses around the world with advanced, intuitive solutions that streamline and simplify every element of the international payment process.

About DriveWealth Holdings, Inc.:

DriveWealth Holdings, Inc. is the parent company of DriveWealth Technologies, LLC and DriveWealth, LLC. DriveWealth Technologies, LLC is the technology service and financial education provider for DriveWealth, LLC. DriveWealth, LLC (, member FINRA and SIPC, is a mobile and global full carrying broker dealer for retail investors. DriveWealth provides a low cost, easy-to-use US equities investing platform to individuals worldwide. DriveWealth also partners with businesses around the world to offer its Brokerage as a Service platform, which allows global financial institutions to give their clients access to US listed securities

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