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DriveWealth Releases Passport Mobile: An Investing App Featuring Dollar-Based Portfolio Building


Chatham, NJ February 9, 2016: DriveWealth Holdings, Inc., (“DriveWealth”) is pleased to announce the launch of its new investing app, Passport Mobile.

The new Passport Mobile investing app introduces various new features including real-time fractional share trading, curated stock lists, and live streaming news from Benzinga. The addition of real-time fractional share trading will allow investors to trade in terms of dollars, rather than shares. DriveWealth believes that dollar-based investing will enable individuals to invest their monthly savings at an affordable rate which they control.

In additional to dollar-based investing, Passport Mobile offers investors an intuitive environment, similar to online shopping. DriveWealth’s stock baskets feature allows investors to distribute any dollar amount over a selection of stocks, ETFs, and ADRs to create a diversified portfolio. With these new features, DriveWealth allows its users to invest money the way they spend it.

DriveWealth will make fractional share trading available to its current partners as well as other institutions who would like to add dollar-based investing to their product offering. Partners may white-label the Passport Mobile app or utilize DriveWealth’s robust set of RESTful or FIX APIs to incorporate DriveWealth’s brokerage offering directly into their native applications.

“As younger generations of investors move towards a cashless society, they will expect the ability to manage their finances from the palm of their hands,” said Robert Cortright Founder and CEO of DriveWealth, Holdings, Inc. “The new Passport Mobile allows individuals to do just that by creating well diversified portfolios at their own savings rate.”

About DriveWealth Holdings, Inc.:

DriveWealth Holdings, Inc. is the parent company of DriveWealth Technologies, LLC and DriveWealth, LLC. DriveWealth Technologies, LLC is the technology service and financial education provider for DriveWealth, LLC. DriveWealth, LLC (, member FINRA and SIPC, is a mobile and global full carrying broker dealer for retail investors. DriveWealth provides a low cost, easy-to-use US equities investing platform to individuals worldwide. DriveWealth also partners with businesses around the world to offer its Brokerage as a Service platform, which allows global financial institutions to give their clients access to US listed securities.

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