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E World Launches Green Energy Solutions Website

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June 9, 2011 (FinancialWire) -- Subsequent to actualizing the company's promises to make steady progress in its new field of endeavor, green energy and sustainability solutions company E World (OTCBB: EWRL) (OTC: EWRL) has launched a "green energy solutions" website, showcasing the products of its initiatives.

E world CEO, Gerry Shirren, characterizes the site (at as "a corporate website, which has more of the green energy story and the bigger scale solutions we are working on, such as utility grade and municipal solutions."

E World's recent market history, as chronicled by FinancialWire(tm), initially noted a statement made by the company (see our April 7, 2011, article at that it had dramatically sifted focus and had been making strides in advancing its revised business model toward the goal of being a "one-stop shop for energy solutions," by putting core building blocks of its new model in place. At that time, E World reported that it had acquired exclusive green energy brand distribution agreements, energy storage interests and proprietary technologies in wind and solar.

On April 27, 2011 (see, E World reported that it had signed a letter of intent with Energy Supply Systems (ESS) of Korea for the exclusive use of the ESS battery management systems as part of the E World energy solutions program. Such battery management systems are considered a vital link in the energy generation and storage chain, managing the system electrically to ensure efficient storage, load leveling and minimization of energy loss.

In a special "green markets" features on May 4 and May 16, 2011 (see and, noting developments with AeroVironment (NASDAQ: AVAV) 3Power Energy Group (OTCBB: PSPW) (Frankfurt: PSD) and E World (see), E World's imminent deployment of their proprietary "Wind Pac" series of small wind energy generation units, in conjunction with Global Earth Sciences, was reviewed. The article cited Wind Pac's "next-generation" design as bringing wind power technology to a new level of efficiency by producing more power with lower wind speed. Noting, in addition, that the units are stackable, allowing for more efficient space utilization.

Most recently, on June 7, 2011 (see, E World's recent financials summary was posted.

E World ( is a green energy and sustainability solutions company with operations in the U.S. and internationally. Its "green and clean" philosophy is the basis for all of its projects and initiatives, which range from alternative power and energy systems to sustainability-centric construction and real estate development. The company acquires and builds brands utilizing its expertise in both media and green technology to create enhanced opportunities and offer unique propositions to its customers. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada.

E World's SEC filings are directly accessible via the SEC website (at


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