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Wilson Electronics Cellular Signal Boosters Help Rural Residents and Businesses Stay Connected


Workers at remote job sites and country dwellers who choose to live far outside population centers are increasingly using signal boosters from Wilson Electronics, manufacturer of North America's top-selling line of cellular signal boosters, to overcome frustration caused by unreliable cellular signals.

Chris Parrotte's rural upstate New York home is on the fringe of his service provider's coverage are ...

Chris Parrotte's rural upstate New York home is on the fringe of his service provider's coverage area, and surrounded by 100-foot-tall red pine and white pine. Wilson Electronics cell phone signal boosters give Parrotte a strong and reliable data and voice connection for his smart phone. (Photo: Business Wire)

Recently, consultants at a geological test site in the rugged American Southwest and a family in rural upstate New York have deployed Wilson signal boosters as a solution for weak signals that hindered voice and data communication.

Softrock Geological Services, a consulting firm in Durango, Colo., was contracted to do geological testing for an energy project in the remote San Juan Basin of the Four Corners area of the southwestern U.S. The test site crew's distance from the nearest cell tower in combination with natural terrain obstacles made communication with the outside world difficult.

Cellular devices could on occasion detect a very weak signal near the test site, but achieving and maintaining a reliable connection was all but impossible. The only alternatives were using an expensive satellite phone, which was unreliable due to service delays, or driving some distance to a location where the cell signal was strong enough to allow a connection.

Using a Wilson signal booster the Softrock crew was able to detect and amplify the weak signal, providing cellular coverage at the test site. Softrock vice president Dan McGinn said the Wilson booster “ended up being the communication hub for the project.”

“Our ability to have coverage for everyone's cell phones saved us and our client a ton of money on drive time,” McGinn said. “We were commended after the fact on our contribution to the overall safety of the project. Without our Wilson booster, any injury would have been extra dangerous due to the added time that would have been required to call for an air rescue.

“Wilson boosters are now mounted in all of our mobile laboratories and have become a critical component of our success.”

Even the retailer who sold Chris Parrotte a new smart phone with voice and data plan tried to talk him out of the purchase. Parrotte's rural upstate New York home is on the fringe of his service provider's coverage area, and surrounded by 100-foot-tall red pine and white pine.

“I knew I would need to be outside or in select locations in the house to get a signal,” he said. “I was getting one to three bars outside and an on-and-off 3G icon. Inside, one to two bars with data (transfer) nonexistent.”

To get a better signal, Parrotte made multiple calls to his carrier's tech support line, tried software and hardware updates, and even got a replacement phone. But nothing helped until he installed a Wilson signal booster in his home.

“I grabbed the phone not expecting much but when I turned it on, I had six bars,” he said. “No way! From three bars outside in the woods to six bars in the basement. I made a phone call and it was crystal clear. A YouTube test confirmed video played perfectly.”

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Wilson Electronics, Inc., a leader in the wireless communications industry for more than 40 years, designs and manufactures a wide variety of cell phone signal boosters, antennas and related components that significantly improve cellular communication in mobile, indoor, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. All Wilson products are engineered, assembled and tested in the company's U.S.-based headquarters. Wilson boosters fully comply with FCC regulations for cellular devices and are FCC type accepted and Industry Canada certificated. Wilson Electronics has developed and patented a variety of technologies for protecting cell sites by preventing network interference. For more information, visit

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