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Create Healthy Habits With iPhone App From 2Morrow Mobile


Create Healthy Habits With iPhone App From 2Morrow Mobile

Habits are those little things that we do automatically without thinking. That is why it is so important to create healthy habits, not unhealthy ones. According to the CHIC, 79% of smartphone users want interactive health apps that provide feedback. To meet this need, 2Morrow Mobile announces the release of their 3rd generation iPhone app, “Healthy Habits”, which provides a fun, effective way to support behavior change. “Healthy Habits” is a free iPhone app now available on the iTunes App Store.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 24, 2011

Healthy Habits, a 3rd generation health and fitness app for the iPhone, was released by 2Morrow Mobile Friday, May 20, 2011 on the iTunes App Store. By May 23 the app was listed #1 on the iTunes New and Noteworthy list for Healthcare and Fitness apps in the US. This app allows people to identify behaviors/habits they wish to change, define motivations, customize goals, track progress and celebrate success. Along the way, they can share their progress with others via Facebook, earning badges and reaching milestones. The goal is to reward users for making the changes they want to make.

“I was tired of good intentions,” says Brandon Masterson, President of 2Morrow Mobile. “There are things I want to change that affect my health and I need to work on making these changes everyday. The power of the smartphone to change our lives is amazing because we always have them with us providing the perfect tool to help us make real changes. We created Healthy Habits to help ourselves and others make healthy changes that last. It's all about consistency.”

Obesity and stress related illnesses are on the rise and exercise is down. According to the American Heart Association, almost 1/3 of all US adults are now obese. The challenge is in finding ways to help people successfully incorporate lasting behavior change into their lives. 2Morrow Mobile thinks the smartphone is the perfect tool for aiding in behavior change because people often keep their cell phones nearby 24 hours a day.

There are millions of smartphone users and most have health habits they would like to change. In an April 2011 press release the Consumer Health Information Corporation (CHIC) shared survey results about health related smartphone apps. “Behavioral scientists hypothesize that in order for health apps to be successful and change patient behavior, they should target motivational needs to promote behavioral change. The majority of surveyed consumers agreed with this and stated that they would be more likely to use an interactive app that can analyze logged information and provide feedback (79.9%).”

“Healthy Habits” helps people create healthy habits and break unhealthy ones. The app makes it easy for people to hold themselves accountable and provides reminders and rewards along the way. There are four basic steps to the system.

1.     Define a habit to make or break

2.     Set a goal (times per day/week/month)

3.     Track your actions

4.     Celebrate your success

“Changing habits is not about thinking, it's about doing,” says 2Morrow Mobile Vice-President, Jo Masterson. “Most of us know what we want to change...we often even know how to do it. The problem arises because we don't put that intent into action. Healthy Habits helps you put your good intentions into action.”


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