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Bananas in a Vending Machine? Vend Natural Expands Healthy Snacking into Richmond Market


Bananas in a Vending Machine? Vend Natural Expands Healthy Snacking into Richmond Market

Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables will soon be available in vending machines across the Richmond market. The area will benefit from the wide array of healthy on-the-go snacks and beverage options, which will help to combat rising rates of childhood obesity.

(PRWEB) May 24, 2011

Bananas, fresh cut vegetables and fruit…in a vending machine? Today, this is possible thanks to the emergence of healthy snacking companies that are bringing all natural and organic snacks and beverages to locations across the country.

Vend Natural, Inc., today's fastest-growing healthy snacking company, is expanding its operations into Virginia and has identified Richmond as the next exciting market area for placement of the company's state of the art healthy vending machines. The company is seeking health conscious entrepreneurs in Richmond to join the healthy snacking revolution as a Vend Natural business owner and bring the benefit of healthier, on-the-go snacks to schools and universities, hospitals, offices and more.

Vend Natural, founded by company CEO Gil Sanchez, was formed to address the declining health of our nation and skyrocketing teen obesity rates by providing healthier snacking alternatives to schools, hospitals and businesses. The company's mission is to support improved eating practices by offering healthy products that are easily accessible and affordable to everyone.

“Richmond is the perfect place to welcome healthy snacking alternatives in convenience eating,” said William H. Carpenter, Jr., Vend Natural President. Vend Natural's healthy snack machines, with their wide assortment of all natural, organic beverages and snacks, offer the right alternative to traditional high-fat, low nutritional value snacks in hospitals, schools and other public venues. Carpenter continued, “We expect strong demand for our healthy snack machines across the Richmond area as others hear about the Vend Natural solution. “

Vend Natural CEO Gil Sanchez says, “Our business owners are smart, savvy entrepreneurs who believe in the mission of providing healthy snacking alternatives.” He continued, “We know that Richmond will be a terrific market for our business and we hope to attract a strong partner to lead the healthy snacking revolution so that the community here never has to trade health for convenience.”

Vend Natural is the only healthy snacking company in the country that not only partners with business owners coast to coast, but also owns and operates its own machines on the west and east coasts. This enables the company to test new equipment and products before full roll-out and provide the most relevant training and customer service operation for its distributors. “We don't just ‘sell' the business, we are IN the business, which makes us significantly more knowledgeable about what works and what doesn't,” said Mr. Carpenter.

Calling All Richmond Entrepreneurs: Join the Healthy Vending Revolution!

Those interested in learning more can visit and complete an informational form or contact William H. Carpenter, Jr. at 410-263-8113 or williamc(at)vendnaturalmd(dot)com.    Watch this video of our Boston-area business owner in the news:

Vending Machines Go Green: Good for the Body and the Planet

Vend Natural's vending machines are not the old school machines you are used to. Today's state of the art vending machines are not just good for the body, but have gone “green.” They feature:

  • Energy efficient design, costing a third of what traditional machines cost to run.
  • More than 40% recycled metals.
  • Remote, internet-based monitoring systems, preventing unnecessary fuel costs and emissions to replenish products.
  • 5 Star energy rating.

America has a BIG Problem: The Facts on Obesity

Rates of obesity among children have risen by alarming rates over the last several decades. Here are some facts:

1. 1/3 of children in America are either overweight or obese

2. 19.6% of kids ages 6 to 11 are unhealthy (compared to 6.5% in 1980)

3. Obesity in children can lead to diabetes, stroke, cancer, and more

4. Today's children are the first generation to have shorter life spans than their parents due to poor health

For more information about obesity in America, check out First Lady Michelle Obama's video:

About Vend Natural

Vend Natural is America's fastest-growing healthy snacking company is based in Ventura, California and Annapolis, Maryland. The company was inspired by the vision of helping to transform eating patterns by providing healthy snacking alternatives in convenient vending locations across America. Specializing in placements in schools, hospitals and businesses, Vend Natural currently operates more than 420 machines in 22 states with plans for significant growth over the next several years. The company is known for its innovative and environmentally-sensitive vending machine design offering state-of-the art, dual temperature-zoned, energy efficient machines that hold a large variety of both natural organic snacks and beverages. Vend Natural is also known for its fresh, bright, signature machine graphics featuring large, appealing illustrations of grapes, raspberries and its tag line, “Energize Your Body.” Vend Natural was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year award in Maryland for 2010. For more information, visit

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