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Stem Cell Therapy Using the Patient's Own Fat to Treat Chronic Pain and Disease


Stem Cell Therapy Using the Patient's Own Fat to Treat Chronic Pain and Disease

Holistic Medical Center Offers Leading-Edge Treatment at a Fraction of Time and Cost

New York, NY (Vocus/PRWEB) April 19, 2011

Patients Medical, a leading integrative medical center in NYC, is offering adult stem cell therapy for selected patients for a variety of chronic debilitating diseases including osteoarthritis, certain types of chronic fatigue and other degenerative and auto-immune diseases. This new treatment method enables the patient to use stem cells harvested from their own fat in a procedure that will have the patient going about their daily business in just a few hours, enjoying the positive effects on their health for weeks or even months to come as the cells take effect.

“Up until recently, harvesting stem cells meant an invasive surgical procedure that collected cells from bone with general anesthesia. It was painful, expensive and time-consuming. This is something completely different, “ explains Dr. Kamau Kokayi, senior staff physician at Patients Medical and head of the Stem Cell Therapy team. “Now we can collect the stem cells from adipose (fat) cells that are taken out via a tiny incision with liposuction. We use local anesthesia and are able to get the stem cells back in the patient's body within 3-4 hours.”

Dr. Kokayi specializes in helping patients with chronic diseases related to inflammation including those with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), congestive heart failure, type 2 diabetes, early stages of Alzheimer's disease, neuro and auto-immune diseases.

“Even those who are just feeling a little tired lately and could use a boost or those who have nagging knee, hip or back pain can benefit from this stem cell therapy. The cells find their way to the areas of the body that need it most and go to work healing and rejuvenating. Each treatment can keep working for months.”

Patients Medical's team of physicians provides their patients and the general public with the most recent information and research about disease prevention and wellness. The next complimentary seminar, “Use Your Own Fat to Rejuvenate Health and Vitality”, will be held on Thursday, April 28th at 6:30pm Eastern. Dr. Kokayi will present scientific data behind stem cell therapy and will explain the cell harvesting procedure, as well as answering questions from attendees.

Kamau Kokayi, MD received his medical doctorate from Yale Medical School, and his residency with board certification in family medicine. With 25 years' experience integrating conventional medicine with holistic therapies, Dr. Kokayi's broad knowledge base and depth of understanding provide him a with a variety of tools with which to evaluate and treat patients.

About Patients Medical

Patients Medical ( is a unique integrative medicine center in Manhattan that combines the best of traditional and holistic medicine with modern technology to provide comprehensive care. Established in 1974, the center employs a multi-disciplinary staff including board certified internists, licensed practitioners and nutritionists. The practice specializes in diagnosing the root cause of an ailment, then healing the whole person with personalized protocols that draw upon ancient healing techniques alongside Western Medial perspectives. Patients Medical offers free seminars each month on bio-identical hormones, stem cell therapy, weight loss, thyroid, chronic fatigue, nutrition and more.


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