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New Website Provides Information About How to Benefit From Latest Advances in Genetics


New Website Provides Information About How to Benefit From Latest Advances in Genetics

As scientists continue to crack codes of genetic diseases, provides a resource for adults and parents-to-be to help understand what those advances mean. The site includes "Genetic Testing & Pregnancy," "Know Your Family History," "What is Genetic Testing," "Genes 101," and more.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 27, 2011

The Genetic Disease Foundation (GDF) has launched, a new online resource for people who wish to know more about how genetics can benefit their health and the health of their families. is an easy-to-understand- and-navigate site where people can sort through the latest information about what tests are available and how results can be used to prevent, prepare for, or manage disease.    

Speedy advances in genetic research mean that more gene mutations are being linked with specific diseases, more diagnostic tools are available to pinpoint previously-unidentifiable illnesses, and new treatments are being developed.

“ may be helpful to anyone interested in exploring their genetics as part of family planning, to potentially identify a disease in themselves or a loved one, or to know more about what their hereditary risks may be,” explains Elisa Ross, president of GDF. “There are now more than 10,000 recorded genetic diseases that are passed on through generations, including widely recognized conditions and rare disorders.”

The website consists of three sections:

1) “Genetic Testing & Pregnancy” is for adults/couples who plan to have children and may want to know their risk of carrying gene abnormalities that can be passed on. For example, an infant disease like Tay-Sachs is rare, but members of certain ethnic groups are more likely to carry the gene mutation and may wish to undergo screening (see for more details).

2) “Know Your Family History” is a guide to understanding individual family history – how to gather information to tell if you may be at risk for any number of illnesses (like diabetes or heart disease) and should consider testing.

3) “What is Genetic Testing?” covers types of tests, their purpose, how they're conducted, and more.

Additional information includes “Genes 101” on the basics, a list of genetic diseases, how to find a certified genetic counselor, and a quiz to help determine who should be tested. Cost and privacy are also addressed. The site was created partly in response to a survey conducted by GDF, in which the majority of respondents said they saw benefit to genetic testing, but nearly 80% said they'd never talked with their doctor about genetic screening.

GDF would like to encourage more conversations between doctors and patients about genetic testing and more visits to genetic counselors.

“We believe that number can change if people are more informed about the potential benefits of ‘knowing their genes,'” said Ms. Ross. “All of us at the GDF have had personal experience with genetic disease, and we're pleased to bring this resource to help people understand how genetic advances can help them manage their health.”

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About The Genetic Disease Foundation

The Genetic Disease Foundation (GDF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established in 1997 by patients and families affected by genetic disorders. The Foundation's mission is to support research, education and the prevention of genetic diseases.

The Genetic Disease Foundation is affiliated with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine's Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences, whose faculty lead the country in clinical research to improve prenatal diagnosis, carrier screening, genetic counseling methods, and therapies for genetic diseases.

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