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Halter USX China Index Up 10.73% for 2010


For the fourth quarter and for the year 2010, the Halter USX China Index (NYSE Arca: HXC) was up 1.84% and 10.73% respectively. During the same period (fourth quarter and year end), the Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 7.32% and 11.02%, while the NASDAQ finished up 12.00% and up 16.91%.

HXC is also pleased to announce the inclusion of 26 new constituents to its existing index of China-focused, U.S. listed companies including: HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc. (AMEX: HQS) that operates as an integrated aquatic product producing, processing, and farming company; China Grentech Corporation Limited (NasdaqGS: GRRF), which is a provider of wireless coverage products and services; Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Company (NasdaqCM: SKBI) researches, develops, manufactures and distributes veterinary health care and medical care products; ShangPharma Corporation (NYSE: SHP) that operates as a pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development outsourcing company; SouFun Holdings Limited America (NYSE: SFUN), which provides marketing, listing, technology, and information consultancy services to real estate and home furnishing industries; China Ming Yang Wind Power Group (NYSE: MY) engages in the manufacture and sale of wind turbines and the provision of related maintenance services; TAL Education Group (NYSE: XRS) that provides K-12 after-school tutoring services; Ambow Education Holding Ltd. (NYSE: AMBO), which provides educational and career enhancement services in high school entrance examination and college entrance examination markets; HiSoft Technology International Limited (NasdaqGM: HSFT) provides outsourced information technology (IT) and research and development services; AutoNavi Holdings Limited (NasdaqGS: AMAP), which provides digital map content and navigation and location-based solutions; Global Education & Technology Group Limited (NasdaqGS: GEDU) provides various educational programs and services with a focus on foreign language training and test preparation; Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co., Limited (NYSE: CCSC) operates as a quick-service restaurant chain; Xueda Education Group (NYSE: XUE) that is a provider of tutoring services for primary and secondary school students; ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. (NasdaqGM: CCIH) provides Internet content and application delivery services to businesses, government agencies, and other enterprises; Mecox Lane Limited (NasdaqGM: MCOX), which engages in the design and sale of apparel, accessories, home, and healthcare products through its online platform and stores; China Kanghui Holdings (NYSE: KH) that develops, manufactures, and markets orthopedic implants and associated instruments; DAQQ New Energy Corp. ADS (NYSE: DQ) that engages in the manufacture and sale of poly silicon for solar panel makers, photovoltaic module, and electrical equipment; Chemspec International Limited (NYSE: CPC) engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of chemical compounds; IFM Investments Limited (NYSE: CTC), which provides real estate services; SinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemical Industries, Inc. (NasdaqCM: SCOK) that produces and markets coal products, including coke, raw and washed coal, and chemical byproducts; China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc. (AMEX: SHZ) engages in exploring, developing, mining, processing, and distributing fluorite ore, zinc, copper, lead, and other nonferrous metals; China Ceramics Co., Ltd. (NasdaqCM: CCCL), which engages in the manufacture and sale of ceramic tiles used for exterior siding, interior flooring, and design in residential and commercial buildings; Tianli Agritech, Inc. (NasdaqGM: OINK) that engages in raising, breeding, and selling hogs for use in Chinese pork production and hog breeding markets; Andatee China Marine Fuel Services Corporation (NasdaqGM: AMCF), which engages in the production, storage, distribution, and trading of blended marine fuel oil for cargo and fishing vessels; Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd. (NasdaqCM: KONE) develops and provides mobile enterprise solutions; and Zoom Technologies, Inc. (NasdaqCM: ZOOM) that operates as a technology company that engages in electronic and telecommunication product design, development, and manufacturing.

It was also announced that China Infrastructure Investment (NASDAQ: CIIC), and Hong Kong Highpower Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: HPJ) were removed from the Index.

About the Halter USX China Index

The Index, created by the Halter Financial Group and calculated and distributed by the NYSE Arca, is comprised of companies whose common stock is publicly traded in the United States and the majority of whose business is conducted within the People's Republic of China. The Halter USX China Index was created in response to the unique economic opportunities taking place in China, as well as the current dynamics in the United States capital markets. While there is strong demand for Chinese equity, U.S. investors still seek and prefer the transparency offered with a U.S. listing. For a company to be included in the Halter USX China Index it must conduct a majority of its business in China, maintain an average market cap of over $50 million for the preceding 40 trading days, trade on the NYSE, NYSE Amex or NASDAQ and be approved by USX Selection Committee. Investors can gain exposure to the Index by investing in an exchange-traded fund (ETF), the PowerShares Golden Dragon Halter USX China Portfolio (NYSE Arca: PGJ). For more information please visit The following 214 public companies currently comprise the Halter USX China Index:

3SBio, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSRX)

3SBio, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSRX)

51 Job, Inc. (NASDAQ: JOBS)

7 Days Group Holdings Ltd (NYSE: SVN)

A-Power Energy Generation Systems (NASDAQ: APWR)

Acorn International, Inc. (NYSE: ATV)

Actions Semiconductor Co (NASDAQ: ACTS)

Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ABAT)

AgFeed Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: FEED)

Agria Corp. (NYSE: GRO)

AirMedia Group, Inc (NASDAQ: AMCN)

Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd. (NYSE: ACH)

Ambow Education Holding Ltd. (NYSE: AMBO)

American Dairy, Inc (NYSE: ADY)

American Lorain Corporation (AMEX: ALN)

American Oriental Bioengineering, Inc. (NYSE: AOB)

Andatee China Marine Fuel Services Corporation (NasdaqGM: AMCF)

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company Inc (AMEX: AXN)

AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASIA)


AutoChina International, Ltd. (NASDAQ: AUTC)

AutoNavi Holdings Limited (NasdaqGS: AMAP), Inc. (NASDAQ: BIDU)

Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: BSPM)

BMP Sunstone Corporation (NASDAQ: BJGP)

Camelot Information Systems Inc. (NYSE: CIS)

Canadian Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSIQ)


Charm Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: CHRM)

Chemspec International Limited (NYSE: CPC)

China Advanced Construction Materials Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CADC)

China Agritech, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAGC)

China Auto Logistics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CALI)

China Automotive Systems Inc (NASDAQ: CAAS)

China BAK Battery, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBAK)

China Biologic Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBPO)

China Ceramics Co., Ltd. (NasdaqCM: CCCL)

China Cord Blood Corp (NYSE: CO)

China Digital TV Holdings Co., LTD. (NYSE: STV)

China Distance Education Holdings Limited (NYSE: DL)

China Eastern Airlines Corporation Ltd. (NYSE: CEA)

China Education Alliance Inc. (NYSE: CEU)

China Electric Motor Inc (NASDAQ: CELM)

China Finance Online (NASDAQ: JRJC)

China Fire & Security Group (NASDAQ: CFSG)

China Gerui Advanced Materials Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHOP)

China Green Agriculture, Inc. (NYSE Amex: CGA)

China Grentech Corporation Limited (NasdaqGS: GRRF)

China Housing and Land Development, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHLN)

China Hydroelectric (NYSE: CHC)

China Information Technology, Inc (NASDAQ: CNIT)

China Integrated Energy, Inc (NASDAQ: CBEH)

China Jo-Jo Drugstores, Inc (NASDAQ: CJJD)

China Kanghui Holdings (NYSE: KH)

China Life Insurance Co Ltd (NYSE: LFC)

China Lodging Group, Limited (NASDAQ: HTHT)

China Marine Food Group Limited (AMEX: CMFO)

China Mass Media Corp (NYSE: CMM)

China MediaExpress Holdings, Inc. (AMEX: CCME)

China Medical Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMED)

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group (NYSE: MY)

China Mobile Hong Kong Ltd. (NYSE: CHL)

China Natural Gas, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHNG)

China Natural Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHNR)

China Nepstar Chain Drugstore Ltd. (NYSE: NPD)

China New Borun Corp (NYSE: BORN)

China North East Petroleum Holdings Limited (AMEX: NEP)

China Nuokang Bio Pharmaceutical Inc (NASKAQ: NKBP)

China Nutrifruit Group Limited (AMEX: CNGL)

China Petroleum and Chemical Corp (Sinopec) (NYSE: SNP)

China Pharma Holdings, Inc. (AMEX: CPHI)

China Precision Steel, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPSL)

China Real Estate Information Corporation (NASDAQ: CRIC)

China Recycling Energy Corp. (NASDAQ: CREG)

China Ritar Power Corp. (NASDAQ: CRTP)

China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. (NYSE: CSR)

China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc. (AMEX: SHZ)

China Sky One Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSKI)

China Southern Airlines Company Ltd. (NYSE: ZNH)

China Sunergy Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSUN)

China Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CNTF)

China Telecom Corporation Ltd (NYSE: CHA)

China TransInfo Technology Corp (NASDAQ: CTFO)

China Unicom Ltd (NYSE: CHU)

China Valves Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: CVVT)

China Wind Systems Inc (NASDAQ: CWS)

China XD Plastics Company, Ltd. (NASDAQ: CXDC)

China Yida Holding, Co. (NASDAQ: CNYD)

China Yuchai International Ltd. (NYSE: CYD)

China-Biotics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHBT)

ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. (NasdaqGM: CCIH)

ChinaCast Education Corp. (NASDAQ: CAST)

ChinaEdu Corp. (NASDAQ: CEDU)

ChinaNet Online Holdings Inc (AMEX: CNET)

Chindex International Inc (NASDAQ: CHDX)

Cninsure, Inc. (NASDAQ: CISG)


Cogo Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: COGO)

Concord Medical Services Holding Ltd (NYSE: CCM)

Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co., Limited (NYSE: CCSC) (NASDAQ: CTRP)

DAQQ New Energy Corp. ADS (NYSE: DQ)

Deer Consumer Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: DEER)

Duoyuan Global Water Inc. (NYSE: DGW)

Duoyuan Printing, Inc (NYSE: DYP)

E-House (China) Holdings Limited (NYSE: EJ)


Focus Media Holding Ltd. (NASDAQNM: FMCN)

Funtalk China Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: FTLK)

Fuqi International, Inc. (NASDAQ: FUQI)

Fushi International, Inc (NASDAQ: FSIN)

General Steel Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GSI)

Giant Interactive Group, Inc. (NYSE: GA)

Global Education & Technology Group Limited (NasdaqGS: GEDU)

Global Sources Ltd (NASDAQ: GSOL)

Guangshen Railway Co Ltd (NYSE: GSH)

Guanwei Recycling Corp (NASDAQ: GPRC)

Gulf Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ: GFRE)

Gushan Environmental Energy Ltd. (NYSE: GU)

Harbin Electric, Inc. (NASDAQ: HRBN)

HiSoft Technology International Limited (NasdaqGM: HSFT)

HLS Systems International, Ltd. (NASDAQ: HOLI)

Home Inns & Hotels Management, Inc. (NASDAQ: HMIN)

HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc. (AMEX: HQS)

HuaNeng Power International, Inc. (NYSE: HNP)

IFM Investments Limited (NYSE: CTC)

JA Solar Holdings (Nasdaq: JASO)

Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: JGBO)

Jingwei International Limited (NASDAQ: JNGW)

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd (NYSE: JKS)

Jinpan International Limited (NASDAQ: JST)

Kandi Technologies, Corp. (NASDAQ: KNDI)

Kingold Jewelry, Inc (NASDAQ: KGJI)

Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd. (NasdaqCM: KONE)

KongZhong Corporation (NASDAQ: KONG)

Ku6 Media Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: KUTV)

L & L Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: LLEN)

LDK Solar Co. Ltd. (NYSE: LDK)

Lihua International, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIWA)

Linktone Ltd. (NASDAQ: LTON)

Longtop Financial Technologies Limited (NYSE: LFT)

Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Ltd (AMEX: LPH)

Mecox Lane Limited (NasdaqGM: MCOX)

Mindray Medical International Ltd (NYSE: MR)

Nam Tai Electronics Inc (NYSE: NTE), Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES)

New Energy Systems Group (AMEX: NEWN)

New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE: EDU)

Ninetowns Internet Technology Group Company Limited (NASDAQ: NINE)

NIVS IntelliMedia Technology Group, Inc. (AMEX: NIV)

Noah Education Holdings, Ltd. (NYSE: NED)

Orient Paper Inc (AMEX: ONP)

Origin Agritech Limited (NASDAQ: SEED)

Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD)

PetroChina Co. Ltd. (NYSE: PTR)

Puda Coal, Inc. (AMEX: PUDA)

Qiao Xing Mobile Com (NYSE: QXM)

Qiao Xing Universal Telephone (NASDAQ: XING)


ReneSola, Ltd. (NYSE: SOL)

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (NYSE: SMI)

Shanda Games Limited (NASDAQ: GAME)

Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd (NASDAQ: SNDA)

ShangPharma Corporation (NYSE: SHP)

Shengdatech Inc (NASDAQ: SDTH)

Shengkai Innovations, Inc. (NASDAQ: VALV)

Silvercorp Metals Inc. (NYSE Amex: SVM)

Simcere Pharmaceutical Group (NYSE: SCR)

Sina Corporation (NASDAQ: SINA)

Sino Clean Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: SCEI)

SinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemical Industries, Inc. (NasdaqCM: SCOK)

SinoHub Inc. (AMEX: SIHI)

Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemcial Co. Ltd. (NYSE: SHI)

Sinovac Biotech, Ltd. (NYSE Amex: SVA)

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPU)

Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Company (NasdaqCM: SKBI)

SmartHeat Inc. (NASDAQ: HEAT), Inc. (NASDAQ: SOHU)

Solarfun Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: SOLF)

SORL Auto Parts, Inc. (NASDAQ: SORL)

SouFun Holdings Limited America (NYSE: SFUN)

Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRD)

Subaye, Inc. (NASDAQ: SBAY)

Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. (NYSE: STP)

Sutor Technology Group, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SUTR)

Synutra International, Inc. (NASDAQ: SYUT)

TAL Education Group (NYSE: XRS)

Telestone Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: TSTC)

The9 Limited (NASDAQ: NCTY)

Tianli Agritech, Inc. (NasdaqGM: OINK)

Tianyin Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. (AMEX: TPI)

Tiens Biotech Group (NYSE Amex: TBV)

Tongjitang Chinese Medicines (NYSE: TCM)

Tri-Tech Holding, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIT)

Trina Solar Limited (NYSE: TSL)

Universal Travel Group (AMEX: UTA)

UTStarcom Inc (NASDAQ: UTSI)

VanceInfo Technologies Inc. (NYSE: VIT)

Vimicro International Corp. (NASDAQ: VIMC)

VisionChina Media Inc. (NASDAQ: VISN)

Winner Medical Group, Inc. (AMEX: WWIN)

Wonder Automotive Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: WATG)

WSP Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: WH)

WuXi Pharma Tech (Caymen) Inc. (NYSE: WX)

Xinyuan Real Estate Company Ltd. (NYSE: XIN)

Xueda Education Group (NYSE: XUE)

Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd. (NYSE: YZC)

Yingli Green Energy Holdings Co. Ltd. (NYSE: YGE)

Yongye International, Inc. (NASDAQ: YONG)

Yucheng Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: YTEC)

Yuhe International, Inc. (NASDAQ: YUII)

Zhongpin, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOGS)

Zoom Technologies, Inc. (NasdaqCM: ZOOM)

ZST Digital Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZSTN)

The information in this news release includes certain forward looking statements that are based upon assumptions that in the future may prove not to have been accurate and are subject to significant risks and uncertainties, including statements to the future financial performance of the Company. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in its forward looking statements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that such expectations or any of its forward- looking statements will prove to be correct. Factors that could cause results to differ include, but are not limited to, successful performance of internal plans, product development and acceptance, the impact of competitive services and pricing, or general economic risks and uncertainties.

Halter USX China Index
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