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Nobody Stole a Toy Corgi Batmobile but Someone Steals a Car with Batman Decals in Indiana


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 21, 2010 ) Detroit, MI -- Holy foolish thievery, Batman! Corgi Batmobile toy cars are a lot of fun and hold value as a collector's item, but nobody reportedly stole that. However, a boyfriend stole his girlfriend's car, that has Batman decals on it in Bloomington, Indiana.

The victimized girlfriend calls her car the Batmobile. Actually, it is simply a tan Nissan Ultima with yellow and black Batman symbols on the hood and trunk of the otherwise mundane car.

Would that not make it easy for police to spot? It doesn't exactly fit into a pocket like, say, the collectible Corgi Batmobile that does a better job a reflecting how the iconic car really looked.

The man took the parked car and drove it. There was a short chase after the police were notified and found the car. The man ran both a stop sign and a stoplight, and the police called off the chase. About fifteen (15) minutes later, the police found the car parked without the man inside of it. Minutes later, the man was found wearing blue leopard print pajamas in front of a local restaurant.

The police arrested the boyfriend for several traffic violations. Certainly, he should not get an award for finding a crime that he could do without being noticed. Between the blue leopard print pants and using a getaway car with Batman decals on it, this guy was not meant to avoid the police.

A lot of people have been inspired by Batman over the years. He had a following in 1940 and for some years after that. His character lost most of its appeal until the 1966 TV Series was introduced, rescuing his popularity. This was when the classic Batmobile was introduced, which inspired many toys and even more serious collectible replicas.

The real Batmobile is tough to afford, but many of the collectible replicated versions are much more affordable. The Corgi Batmobile cars can be purchased at, where Batman collector's edition die-cast models are available in many sizes and even styles. However, you will not find a Nissan with Batman decals slapped on it.


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