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Rick Sanchez needs to apologize himself--and fast, advises crisis management PR expert

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Already Fox News is saying 'you call that an apology?'

The news network reported late this afternoon that the wife of Rick Sanchez used her Facebook page to explain what happened last week that led to her husband's unraveling and ultimate termination from CNN.

On Facebook, wife Suzanne writes: "Rick apologized to Jon Stewart today." According to Fox News, she said her husband's grueling hours were to blame for his comments and caused him to "mangle his thought process."

She reveals that her husband called Jon Stewart to say he was sorry for calling Stewart a bigot.

But a crisis management PR expert says Sanchez is making a mistake by remaining silent--and that he needs to speak out about what happened--and soon.

"Someone as public as Rick Sanchez, someone who is clearly not shy, someone who has the self-confidence to say the things he did can certainly speak for himself and should speak for himself," says Glenn Selig, founder of The Publicity Agency, a leading crisis management public relations firm. "Sanchez is a in a position where he can possibly salvage his career. If nothing else, he should at least let people know he's not racist or have anything against people who are Jewish. If you're sorry you say so immediately. You don't wait."

Selig says if Sanchez reached out to Stewart, as his wife reports, that was a good move. But Selig says since his words hurt a large swath of the Jewish population, he needs to go public.

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"He did the damage in public. So he needs to say I'm sorry in public," says Selig.

Besides the impressions being formed with each passing day, the news story itself will fade and no longer be important to journalists who generally move quickly from one story to the next, warns Selig.

"Don't let those comments just sit out there," Selig would advise. "This will only get worse for him if he does nothing. He needs to minimize damage. And in a case like this, doing nothing rarely makes anything better."

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