Market Overview Now Available in Spanish and as Web Services


Visit and select "Translate" to view a Spanish-language version of the U.S. Department of Labor's skills matching and job search website. The site allows job seekers to match their current skills to new careers, find local training programs, and view and apply for open jobs. Spanish-language features include:

  • Occupation titles and descriptions
  • Career comparisons showing similar skills and skill and knowledge gaps
  • Training and education program length and award level details
  • Links to job listings, including job titles
  • Information on credentials, including certifications, licenses, and apprenticeships

Publish as a Web Service

Many key mySkills myFuture features are now available via web services for seamless integration into any website. Visit for details on the following services:

Find occupation titles and codes by keyword. Allows users to enter keyword(s) to identify a standard occupation title from the Occupation Information Network (O*NET) database. This service can be the entry point for a variety of career information functions, including the services listed below.

Find occupation matches. Allows users to identify related occupations based on transferable skill, knowledge, and ability attributes. This service also returns wage and salary information, typical training information, and job opening information associated with all matched occupations.

Get occupation summary. Users can build a summary profile of an occupation at the national, state, or regional level. Includes occupation descriptions, typical tasks, tools and technologies used on the job, estimates of the number employed in the occupation, projected employment growth, and typical training information for the selected occupation.

Identify skill and knowledge gaps between two occupations. Also, compare the typical training and wage levels for the selected occupations.

Seven additional web service options provide users with customized education, training, and credentialing information. These include:

  • Find education and training programs by occupation and state or ZIP code
  • Find education and training programs by knowledge area and state or ZIP code
  • Find national certifications by occupation
  • Get occupation certification details
  • Find occupational licenses by occupation and state
  • Get occupational licensing details
  • Find apprenticeship sponsors by occupation and state

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