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Australian Legal Highs and Herbal Incense Made in Australia


(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 01, 2010 ) Australia - In recent times people have been looking for natural ways to relax. They have been turning to smoking blends such as K2, Spice, Jah Rush, Mojo etc The truth is, all these legal high products just don't cut it these days (not to mention they are illegal in many countries around the world)!

Yes, they ARE strong, but what is it that you are really smoking? A mixture of inferior herbs, many not grown on organic farms (therefore you are ingesting pesticides),

and the aromatic essence used in this legal weed can be as low as 85% pure.

Australian Herbal Incense offers legal highs and smoking blends made from 100% organic grown herbs. Australia has very high standards when it comes to products the export. There is no exception with these blends. Of the four blends available, we cannot fault any of them. After receiving samples from the company, we decided that these cannot be compared to any other herbal incense blend on the market. They are smooth burning, clean, and the smell is magnificent!

The aromatic essence used in all the blends is 99.978% pure, so you can be assured you are buying the best legal highs money can buy.

Australian Herbal Incense offers the following four varieties:

Shamanic Journey This mix will induce a dream like state, and definitely give you a feeling that you are journeying to another world!

Romance - This proprietary blend of herbs will encourage couples to get together on a more intimate level. If your love life isn't what it should be, and you need some ROMANCE back in your life, you NEED TO TRY THIS!

Aussie Chill (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) - This blend is purely AWESOME! Grab a group of friends and take a road trip to the beach! It's time to chill, AUSSIE style! Wherever in the world you are, you will feel like you are relaxing on one of Australia's finest beaches!

Go Hard - Burn this incense and you will swear you have just been given a new lease on life! Powerful, speedy effects will engulf you within 5 minutes of burning this little beauty, and last for around 3 - 5 hours!

Australian Herbal Incense offers their products on the proviso they are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. They are made to be burned as an incense to fill your space in the world and will hit you with the effects the site describes.

If you have tried other legal highs, and found them not to be as good or as clean as you hoped, try an Australian Herbal Incense product, they offer 100% money back guarantees on all their products, with FREE overnight shipping in Australia and FREE 7 day shipping worldwide.

Australian Herbal Incense
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