I bet you didn’t know these dividend stocks made investors filthy rich over the last decade

One of the last true value investors is releasing his NEW portfolio that delivers big dividend checks & profits all at once following the same strategy

(one of his current portfolios is 100% winners right now)

Hi, my name’s Tim Melvin.

I’d say I’m one of the last hardcore value investors you might find in this market 

Because you’ll never find me selling my soul to AI stocks, cryptocurrency mumbo-jumbo or any fad tech stock of the day.

My entire 30+ year career in the markets has been kneeling at the altars of the Peter Lynchs, Benjamin Grahams, and Warren Buffetts of the world. 

Buying solid, growing companies at dirt cheap prices… then watching them go up. What I’m about to show you will blow your socks off. 

Because you’ll discover how it’s possible to have gotten filthy rich off dividend stocks over the past decade. 

And how those same types of dividend stocks could work even better in the months and years to come for your portfolio.

One of my current dividend portfolios I started in 2022 has absolutely smashed the returns of the market with 100% winners.

And now I’m opening up a brand new dividend value portfolio that could be my best one yet.

Following my dividend value strategy… it was possible to make an absolute fortune over the last decade.

I’m talking returns as high as 1,880% from a single dividend play. And those returns don’t include any of the cash dividends you’re collecting along the way.
Like this stock in Nexstar Media (NXST).

Over the past decade… the stock is up 1,848%. 

Nexstar is a plain old broadcasting company.

Yet, you could’ve just bought, held, and forgotten about the shares, only to wake up to 1,848% returns. 

And, this isn’t some cheap penny stock, it’s a $5B company.

I’m looking for 2 key indicators to find the next Nexstar for you to add to your portfolio. I’ll share those 2 indicators today.

If the gains got you excited… 

Those looking for dividend income will be stoked as well… because the company raised its dividend by 1,025% in that same timeframe. 

Meaning if you were making $5,000/yr from that stock… you’re now making $56,250. 

And your portfolio balance has nearly 20X’d in that timeframe!

So a $25,000 account is now $487,000… plus you collect a steady cash flow each year.

$100k? You’d be a millionaire…plus, collecting huge checks each month.

Yes — This stock would’ve made you filthy rich starting with a small sum.

Especially as you would’ve made more in stock appreciation than Apple and Facebook combined!

Today, I have 3 stocks that are a better value now than Nexstar was and could be your next value play winners. 

One of the 3 could move like Williams-Sonoma (WSM) has over the past decade.

Imagine owning dividend stocks that soar like a tech stock

The retailer has seen its stock soar 791%… and the board of directors hiked the dividend 295%. 

Have you ever had a job nearly quadruple your salary over a decade? 

Most won’t. Here you 9X your cash with a dividend stock.

If you thought dividends were boring…

Think again. 

Sure, investing in boring stuff like Exxon, Coca-Cola, AT&T… the “safe” dividend stocks would be nice and conservative. 

However, you’re not making much money. 

AT&T’s stock is DOWN 27% in the past decade. Their dividend? Stagnant. 

Yet, that’s one of the stocks CNBC’s regularly reporting on. It doesn’t make sense.

They aren’t talking about Nexstar, they aren’t talking about Williams-Sonoma. 

They aren’t talking about Steel Dynamics (STLD). 

Get a dividend boost every year with 3 value stocks I’ll share today that are just like STLD

This unknown steel play not only beat the S&P 500 by nearly 3X over the stretch… 

It also raised its dividend 325%… so you’re quadrupling your income stream without lifting a finger. 

The next value dividend plays are out there… yes, even in this crazy market today. 

I’ll show you 3 plays today: 

Over 31 years…
I’ve tried thousands of investing strategies (over 2000+) to see what makes the most money in the markets.
The best return on your buck is what I’ll show you today.
I.e. buy value at dirt cheap prices. And I have multiple portfolios of proof.

I’ve been in the financial services industry for over 34 years serving as a portfolio manager, broker, and advisor.

I’ve sat and had dinner and drinks with some of the top investors out there… some I’m not allowed to name. 

One of my good friends is one of the top growth investors of the past century.

Like I said, you won’t find me following the ‘hot stocks’ of the day. The ones talked about on the news. 

You can call me “old school.”

If some company wants to be the “next Amazon,” good for them. You won’t see me writing a check. 

I don’t leave my investing to chances.  

I have one goal —> Look for inefficiencies in the market. 

Where is an asset trading for less than what it’s worth? 

Where are analysts puking under their desks because they’re losing their shirts on a position? 

That’s where I want to be. 

Find the diamond among the rubble and buy it. Simple as that. 

Tim Melvin is the greatest expert in deep value investing. That says it all!

He gives the reader a blueprint for how to find the diamonds. He ensures you will not go away without some treasures for your portfolio.

He’s the best and most thorough analyst… five stars.

Now, let me be clear:

We aren’t buying stocks on their deathbed like Bed, Bath and Beyond or JCPenney. 

That’s financial suicide. 

You, instead, want to look for the value opportunities. 

Where is the value of the assets and cash flow worth more than the actual price of the stock? 

Find solid, sound businesses with incredible cash flow and a bright future…

But they’re unpopular because they don’t fit in with the current “fad” in investing. 

I’m also looking for them to pay a nice, fat, juicy dividend. 

If I can buy an asset trading for less than it’s worth… and turn it around and make money… plus, collect dividends… I’m as happy as a guy at the bar on payday. 

The stock market is currently valued at nosebleed levels.
Buying ‘overpriced’ stocks is a dangerous game.

In a market where we have the “Magnificent 7” stocks of Nvidia, FAANG and Tesla overweighted in the indexes… 

Our P/E for the S&P 500 is at sky high levels. 

Minus spikes from the tech bubble, the 2007 bubble and the 2020 Covid stimulus…

The stock market is near its most expensive EVER!

We’re talking data going back to the Civil War era!

Notice what happens after every spike? 

The line drops…fast. That’s usually when a bear market or recession hits. 

I’m not here to predict the future of the country… 

But the best time to own deep value stocks is when everyone’s investing elsewhere… AND when things are bad everywhere. 

When the high-quality assets are cheap, you buy. 

Buy the beat-down sectors when everything else is expensive. 

This strategy has worked in America for over a century.

The “Witch” was the most wealthy person in the world… Also --- an income value investor.

Value investing in cash-flowing assets has worked since before you were born. 

Meet Hetty Green. 

Nicknamed the “Witch” for her foul mood, black attire, and being a real miser with her money… 

She was also one of the most successful value and income investors in all recorded history.

Hetty predicted the 1907 Panic years ahead of time. 

When disaster struck New York City, it was Hetty Green — not the big banks — that offered $1.1 million dollars (or about $3.6 billion today) to bail out the city. In exchange, she received short-term government bonds. 

She was getting these bonds for pennies on the dollar. 

Meaning, she collected a steady income but also could sell the bonds later for a huge profit when they matured. 

She had pulled the stunt before. After the Civil War, when the US was rebuilding, Hetty Green invested in US Greenbacks — America’s first real currency. 

Again, these assets were trading at incredible deals… and she ended up netting over $1.25 million on them. (that’s over $4B today). 

Her strategy was simple:

“There’s no great secret in fortune making. All you have to do is buy cheap and sell, act with thrift and shrewdness and then be persistent.

I buy when things are low and no one wants them. I keep them until they go up, and people are crazy to get them.” – Hetty Green

She loved buying assets at a discount and collecting cash flow while she waited. 

That was the key to wealth for her. 

It will be the key to wealth for you. 

It’s in fact, the key to wealth for everyone. 

And I will show you the value stocks to buy… and the key metric I’m watching when buying…

The #1 lesson I’ve learned if you want to buy the very best value stocks

Find the stocks where the company wants to pay YOU first.

That means the company is shelling out dividends, paying down debt, buying back stock. 

Companies that do ‘shareholder’ friendly events have made investors 10X more returns than the S&P 500 since 1981.

When these types of companies go on sale… I’m buying them. 

That’s why I’m typically picking up shares on down days… aka the red days. Not the green days when everyone else is buying. 

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “buy when there’s blood in the street,” it’s not just a cool catchphrase. It’s how you should buy. 

Unfortunately, it’s dang difficult to stomach. 

That’s why the act of buying a value stock is the last step in the process.

The work starts before I buy anything.

You can ask my wife… 

I’ll pop on the Orioles game and also be poring through financial statements, studying SEC filings, on top of catching up on high-level economic news. 

Or, I’m on the phone talking to a big-time investor getting their take on the markets.

I’m doing this literally every single day. 

Weekdays and weekends. It’s a never-ending job, but I friggin’ love it.

Studying financials and SEC filings isn’t unique in itself…

It’s knowing how to dig up a value opportunity in the market. 

After the 2009 Recession… no one wanted to buy banks.

I was buying. I’ve been buying for a decade now.

I recorded these winners on small financial banks: 

Get this… those are just trades closed in 2021 and 2022.  In 2023, I recorded bank stock winners of 38%, 37%, 46%, and more. Not all my trades were winners… but recent ones closed were all 50%+ winners. Even in bear markets!

In 2016, I forecasted the rise of some of the biggest tech names… including Nvidia!

This article in November 2016, I sent out to a small group of investors… the names: 

Value wins out. 

Even in a bear market, value wins. 

“But growth stocks have beat value stocks for the past decade.” 

Yes, if you don’t know where to invest. 

I just showed you two dozen winners that easily outstrip many growth stocks over the past couple years. 

I also showed you tech names that traded at value levels before they grew to the prices they’re at now.

Blindly buying “value names” like Coca-Cola, Exxon, etc. doesn’t work. 

You need to buy when no one else is.

I’ve done that my entire career: 

I called the market top in 2007
I called the bottom of stocks in 2009

I pounded the table to buy more real estate in 2019 (before prices jumped 50% in 24 months)

I told investors to “bail out” of tech stocks in 2021

All of these calls would’ve saved you a ton selling at the top…

And then you would’ve bought at the bottom in 2023. 

But I’m no ‘blind squirrel who finds a nut’ guy.

I called a short-term bottom during the brutal bear market in June 2022

On June 20, 2022… after the S&P cratered 23.4% from November 2021 highs…

I called that we would have a “rip-your-face-off” rally. 

Like clockwork… the very next day, stocks gapped up and kept running for the next 30 days. The S&P 500 gained 17% in one month. Some stocks, like Apple, shot up 32%. 

I called the interim bottom of the brutal 2022 bear market

But, I didn’t stop there…

I called the market to drop in September 2022 (dropped 1,000 points one week later)

I told folks, “Things will get a lot worse” despite the bear market rally.  That was early September.  Just a week later…
Called this big drop the week before

It was the worst day in the markets since 2020.

In January 2023, as the bear market came to end…

I recommended buying small caps at the VERY BOTTOM.

They shot up as high as 324% the next year.

January 2023, the market’s bottoming out. 

I wrote to investors to dive into small caps. Small caps hadn’t seen much movement in years. 

One play I recommended was Limbach Holdings (LBM). 

Ever heard of it? Most haven’t. 

It’s an industrial company in the building materials space. 

When you follow my recommendations… you’re buying at the bottom

After 7 years of consolidation… I recommended LMB and it skyrocketed 342% in 15 months!

Here’s another I recommended at the same time. 

Overseas Shipholding Group. (OSG). 

Bought as the stock bottomed and came up…

Also saw major stock buybacks happening at the same time. 

Buying sectors right before they get hot!

Stock shoots up 150% in a year. 

If you had put $10,000 in… you’d be up to $25,000 in 12 months. Just like that. 

Buy value dividend plays at the right price. 

Over the last decade, you could’ve gotten filthy rich from it. Yes, from boring dividends. 

They’re secret wealth builders you didn’t know were so lucrative. 

Here’s Phototronics, a semiconductor company. Earnings had just doubled since 2020. 

Who says you can’t see big returns in 12 months from dividend stocks?

Look where I recommended to buy it… at the very bottom of its pullback!

Stock then went on a rollercoaster ride all the way for a double-up on your money in a year. 

Meanwhile, the S&P 500 returned a ¼ of that. 

Don’t buy PLAB or OSG… 

I’m recommending 3 dividend value plays that could be the next big winners. 

They’ll pay you a lot of cash, but are primed for big stock gains soon. 

Now, let me caveat all this — Of course, every pick of mine isn’t a winner. 

That’s not what I expect nor you should either. 

I have a few picks from 2023 that are down 20%… 13%… 6%. That’s okay. 

The portfolios I build and manage aren’t 1 or 2 stocks. They’re diversified. 

One of my current dividend value portfolios has ALL winners open since 2022!

This strategy focuses more on higher yields in the closed-end fund value space. 

It’s great for those looking for more income vs. returns.

Every open pick is a winner!

All the open positions are winners since 2022!

It’s a more conservative strategy I’ll share with you another time. 

But this is what I do. 

Find value in every corner of the market. 

I have a strategy for corporate bonds that’s working… another just for banks… another for energy and real estate. 

There’s value to be found in these “boring” sectors. 

Except — I’d argue these sectors are anything BUT boring with the returns you can hit. 

Some of the stocks could shoot up triple digits… even a 10-bagger.

I just showed you one with NXST.

Here, you’re getting huge 1,848% returns over the last decade… and massive boosts to your dividend if you’re patient.

But all my picks are similar in that I buy at the bottom!

There’s no ‘break out’ buying or trading. 

I only want to see two things out of a dividend value stock I’m looking to buy…

#1: The company is raising their dividends:

Dividend raisers are secret weapons in the market. 

In a study from All Springs Global, they found companies raising dividends delivered better returns than all dividend stocks, non-payers, even the S&P 500 index!

Companies raising their dividends outperform every other type of stock

Not only that, you see less risk, they found. 

Well-known companies that have raised their dividends? 


They’ve raised their dividends by 716% since 2012. 

Their stock’s up an incredible 893% since then. 

You’re filthy rich owning this stock, plus collecting big checks. 

Check out Home Depot. 

Their dividends have soared 673% since 2012. 

The stock’s run 574% in the meantime too. 

If your income stream was $5,000/yr… it’d now be $38,650/yr without lifting a finger. If you had reinvested your dividends, it’d be even more. 

Meanwhile, even just $25,000 into HD would’ve bagged you $143,500 in pure profits in this timeframe. 

If you put $100k+ in, you’d be sitting on massive 6-figure profits. 

Growing income, growing stock. It’s the best win-win in the market. 

Last big-name example and in a completely different niche. 

Phillips 66 (PSX). The oil and gas company. 

Phillips raised their dividend by 475% since 2012. The stock is also up 350% in the same timeframe. 

You’re getting paid twice as your cash increases alongside your profits. 

Stocks in my portfolio have seen their dividends climb 48%, 72%, 44%, 50%...

They’re just starting to make their move and you could buy them now.

As the dividends climb higher, I expect the share price to follow. 

But, I’m not simply looking at dividend growth plays. Alone, dividend growth doesn’t provide enough “urgency” for a stock to make a move. 


I’d rather a company provide scarcity to the marketplace. 

How can they do that? 

#2: The company is buying back their own stock in droves:

Warren Buffett claims “no other action can benefit shareholders as surely as repurchases.” 

That’s not a recent quote. 

Buffett said this back in 1984 in his annual letter to Berkshire shareholders.

True to his word… 

Buffett’s been greedily buying back Berkshire Hathaway stock for decades. Every year, it’s a slow drip of less shares out there. 

The result? 

Berkshire Hathaway posting one of the largest stock market returns in history with a whopping 47,476% gain on its shareholders in the past 35+ years. 

Stock buybacks are on fire right now. 

S&P 500 companies have increased their buybacks by 20% more since 2018. 

According to Affinity, the S&P 500 buyback index (tracking stocks buying back dividends) has reached “record high territory.”

Stock buybacks are more popular than ever for companies sitting on excess cash

When a company buys back its shares… 

Your shares suddenly become more valuable overnight. 

Imagine you owned 10,000 shares of a business with 1,000,000 outstanding shares owned. 

If suddenly, outstanding shares went from 1,000,000 to 800,000… 

Your 10,000 shares become much more valuable as there are less shares circulating!

It’s simple math. 

And the shares can move up fast right when the buybacks kick in . 

Take KB Homes. (KBH). 

Check out how their outstanding shares are shrinking: 

Then, see how the stock price moves: 

Since the buybacks began in late 2020, the stock has been in a steady uptrend. 

I’m going to show you companies buying back shares into the hundreds of millions. 

In the middle of Covid (March 2020), I shared 9 companies with directors buying their own stock back during the chaos…
All 9 are still up… 1 of them shot up 1,000%+

As the market sunk 20%+ in a month… I shared these 7 companies had executives insider buying their stock in buckets. 

Check out STRL: 

Up 1,425%!

Every $10,000 is over $152,500 in 3 years!

Companies buying back shares… and I see executive insider buys as just as huge… means the company and executives see huge value in the stock. 

If they do, so do I. 

STAY AWAY from companies that are issuing shares like their life depends on it

As a company prints shares at the same pace the government prints money… 

You can imagine your share value going down. 

That’s not to say every company that issues tons of new shares will drop in value… but when they do and the stock drops… 

The results aren’t pretty. 

Take Peloton: 

Illumina (ILMN) was one of the worst performing S&P 500 stocks since Covid. 

Their stock was in an uptrend for years… 

Then they issued new shares in 2021… stocks tanked ever since. 

If you ever see a “hot stock” of the day start issuing new shares… get out. 

Instead — 

3 deep value dividend stocks I’m buying right now.

1. Are raising their dividend as you read this
2. Are buying back shares

VALUE PLAY #1: A near 13% dividend yield

With a price-to-earnings ratio of just 8… 

This business development company is set to win from the growing private credit market. 

What do they do? 

They lend money to growing businesses. 

Their current portfolio holds 205 companies across 24 industries giving you great diversity. 

At the moment, this company checks all the boxes as a tremendous value play: 

Their income is up 6.2% from the prior years… 

Their balance sheet is clean, with little leverage and ample liquidity. 

Plus, they trade at 0.9x the ratio of other business development companies. 

 This is the definition of undervaluing the stock. You’re getting a great, profitable company for less than other similar plays. 

Enjoy near 13% yields while we wait for the price to soar. 

VALUE PLAY #2: Financial powerhouse has 4X’d its dividends (and climbing)

This sub-$5B financial company will continue to thrive as digital payments take over.

They’re located in over 200 countries and still expanding. 

Around for over 120+ years and no one’s come close to unseating them. 

Their brand is timeless in finance, and I’m betting you’ve heard of them… but never invested. 

You’re missing out. 

Their operating margins have stayed steady despite rising inflation and interest rates.
Meanwhile, their cash flow has gone up year-over-year… making dividend growth even more likely in the future.
Their share buybacks have increased at a fast pace since Covid.
Their operating margins have stayed steady despite rising inflation and interest rates.
Meanwhile, their cash flow has gone up year-over-year… making dividend growth even more likely in the future.
Their share buybacks have increased at a fast pace since Covid.

Still, the stock hasn’t made a big move yet. 

You can buy in at a near-8% yield… get potential dividend growth… all while waiting for a potential double up to get back to its normal price levels. 

This stock is a must-buy for me. 

VALUE PLAY #3: 205% upside on this local real estate play

A leading real estate investment trust (REIT)… 

All its properties are centered around this area:

Some of the richest real estate in the world… you can indirectly own a piece inside this REIT

The capital of the US… Washington D.C. One of the most affluent cities in the world. 

The area always has a stable economy thanks to the endless flow of government and lobbying money.

I’m recommending a REIT that owns and operates high-quality multi-family, mixed-use properties (think entertainment complexes and retail centers), plus office space. 

Collect a nice dividend while we wait for upside of as much as 205% (its prior levels). 

Their revenues have still gone up despite high interest rates. While other commercial real estate firms are gutted, especially in owning office buildings…  My REIT recommendation continues to thrive.  Balance sheet is strong. Low leverage with debt and tons of cash on the books.  Meaning, more share buybacks and likely steady and growing dividends.  Their share count is dropping fast…
This is what I want to see… your equity becoming more value automatically

Yet, their stock hasn’t made a big move yet. 

You still have time to join us in buying this REIT, collecting cash dividends and waiting for the push. 

Get my Top 3 value stocks to buy right now in my new, special report 3 Stocks Buying Back Shares & Raising Dividends TODAY

I just shared with you the top 3 stocks I’m recommending to buy TODAY that are value all-stars. 

Their board of directors continue to authorize share buybacks, and dividend hikes, no dumb decisions that lose profitability. 

You can see these stocks for yourself inside my brand-new report, 3 Stocks Buying Back Shares & Raising Dividends TODAY. 

All of them are paying dividends that are on the up-and-up. 

Meaning, that every year, you can expect a pay jump without doing anything. More money with less work… that’s the Florida life in me doing a happy jig!

Not only that… 

We’re targeting dividend plays that could go up triple-digit prices over the next few years. 

I’m betting at least one of these 3 stocks will pull off that feat. 

That’s not a guarantee or promise. 

I can only show you my own track record, and you can make that call for yourself. 

You’ve seen the calls I’ve made: 

The Covid crash warning

You’ll never see me selling you on a meme stock… or writing reports on buying the new tech fad. 

That’s not who I am. 

If that’s what you want… I’m not the guy for you. 

If you’re looking for incredible value plays where you collect cash while the company’s put YOU first (the shareholder)...

And you want to create wealth for years to come… not overnight.

I’m your old-school, value-buying guy.

This value report with my top 3 picks could retail for $50-$100. I’ve shown you why with my past picks. 

But you can claim your copy for free. 


You can claim your free copy of my Top 3 value stocks when you join my flagship value investing newsletter, The Yield Report

I’ve just launched my brand-new value-driven portfolio.

All centered on shareholder-friendly stocks paying you big dividends… with the potential to explode!

The Yield Report is my home base for all my best ‘shareholder-friendly’ stock recommendations. 

As a subscriber to The Yield Report over the next 12 months… 

You can expect to receive my very best value picks every single month. 

Now, this isn’t a place where you go to “get the stock of the week on Monday.” 

If the market is ripping higher for a week or two, I’m usually not buying. I buy when the market’s down. 

However, when we do see some pullback… I tend to go hard in the paint. 

Most of my new picks inside The Yield Report, I added them at the very bottom of an April correction here. 

When I started buying my most recent value picks…it was the very bottom of the pullback!

Most are too fearful to buy there. 

I’m not. That’s the exact place I dream of buying. (The market then ripped 7% from there putting most of our new positions into the green FAST). 

If you can’t stomach buying at the bottom vs. at the top… you won’t make it in value investing. 

Yet, the best investors make their money on the bad days… 

Trying to buy at the top is a tough game. 

Follow the actual investors who make money from investing… and all buy when an asset is down or undervalued. 

The Yield Report does that and more. 

Our #1 goal with The Yield Report is ---> Buy shareholder-friendly companies that are paying growing dividends, buying back shares, and are profitable. Buy them when they're undervalued and hold them until they’re not.

We’re not trading stocks here. 

We might hold a position for years. 

We aren’t buying speculative plays and putting all our eggs in one basket.

Inside The Yield Report, you get 20-25+ stock picks. 

That sounds like a lot. 

But remember, we aren’t trading. 

This is ‘set and forget’ at its finest… and we’ll simply pull some weeds here and there and plan more as opportunities arise. 

Here’s what a peek inside The Yield Report will look like. 

Every stock pick of this brand-new value portfolio is right there when you log in

All the portfolios are on the front page of the dashboard. 

Each stock pick has a write-up next to it. Because I hate newsletters you have to dig to find out about the stock. It’s all there for you. 

“Why” I’m recommending the stock. 

“What” the company does.

“What” the company does for YOU to make you more money. 

All of this is housed inside the “BENZINGA RESEARCH” portal on Benzinga.com. Benzinga.com is one of the highest trafficked financial news sites in the world.

Benzinga releases 100+ news stories daily on finance with a stable of 50+ reporters and beat writers. 

A true value company… the site launched in May 2009 near the bottom of the Great Recession. 

A pioneer in the industry, Benzinga has provided services and partnered with the biggest names like TD Ameritrade, Morningstar and Robinhood. 

I’m the value investing editor at Benzinga who they brought in to help their financial readers invest better. 

All of our editors aren’t spending hours on TV arguing over minutiae. 

We’re in the arena finding the best plays out there for you. 

That’s why I enjoy working with Benzinga to bring you The Yield Report. 

The Yield Report is one of the top newsletter services at Benzinga because of the value you get but also the value stocks you’re buying.

When I have a new pick ready to come out… 

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The Yield Report could be a long-term solution for where to park a larger part of your investable cash.

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It doesn’t matter. 

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Meaning, you likely will never hear about them on the news… 

But the institutions are quietly gobbling up shares. Don’t let the big money make all the big money from these plays. 

It’s your turn. 

The Yield Report could easily be a $300 – $500/year newsletter for all the value picks you get. 

I’m not going to charge you even half that. 

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In March 2023, we saw blood in the streets in the banking sector.

Small banks are set to sell off to bigger players… and

I found the best small bank takeover and it could double your money

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A small community bank founded in 1934 quietly growing without any fanfare. 

You likely have never heard of them unless you live in this part of the US. 

It’s a ‘family’ – type bank. They’re all about relationship building, serving the local community and small businesses…

But their financial position is stellar.

With higher interest rates, banks like Silicon Valley (and others) are going bust in 2023 and 2024… small banks have felt a pinch.

Not this financial institution.

Their revenues and profit are soaring

Take a look:

They love their shareholders. 

They’ve nearly 4X’d their dividend over the past decade through 2022… and their shareholders have doubled their money since 2015. 

It’s not a big bank. 

Less than 150 employees. 

Yet, they’ve taken one-third of their revenue and bought back stock!

That’s why their stock has absolutely crushed the past couple years. 

I expect more buybacks to come. 

And perhaps even set themselves up for a takeover. 

Guys — I’ve made takeover predictions about 65 times the last time I checked… 64 times we made money for a 98.5% win rate

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Every year, an average of 117 banks are acquired in the United States. 

The US currently has 10X more banks than other major countries. 

We’re bloated in how many banks we have

At the pace of 117 consolidations per year…

We still have another 37 years to go before we get down to prudent numbers in the 300-500 range. 

A solid bank like this small one I’ve shared is a bullseye for a larger regional institution to swoop in and gobble them up. 

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