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Buy an option when the stock hits my 'moneyLine' & you could win triple the amount other traders do

every $1,000 has returned
$270 in profit every 20 days based on my track record

Can you spot how I profited up to 411% gains using my Options MoneyLine?

If I showed you this stock chart below… would you say it’s a "good stock to trade?"

Most would not want to trade a stock like this… when really, there’s a ton of opportunity​

Looking at it... it really doesn't look that promising.

The stock’s in a downtrend… it’s choppy. The red line's the 200-day moving average and it’s sinking like a rock.

The average trader wouldn't look at this stock for another 10 seconds.


A profitable trader knows better.

What if I added these blue lines here.

Is it a buy yet?

6x the stock has bounced off that bottom blue line… there’s a good chance it does it again!

Oh, it's a buy.

Look closely...

Notice whenever the stock comes off the bottom blue line, the price typically bounces and goes up.

It happened 6x already in 6 months on this chart. That's 6 potential winning trades if you bought an option each time.

We’re also seeing the price hold at that bottom blue line, only dipping below it once before it snapped back.

Look at the far right of the chart with the "?" symbol.

Should we buy an option here this time?

Are you kidding? Of course you should.

Let’s see what happened in the following 2 months…check out the green box where we bought...

7th times a charm as the stock takes off from there… and we banked 123%

The stock bounces again (as expected)… moves up to the middle blue line and halts…right before it breaks out and starts a new trend.


That's a 123% winner for you and me in just 3 weeks.

Incredible trade.

Well, this was a real trade recommendation I made in June 2023.

This stock is BX. Blackstone, the world’s largest alternative asset manager.

I bought a call option expiring a few months out when the stock was hovering around the bottom blue line.


Because the price always bounced off it, of course!

You just saw it happen.

There’s a high probability it’ll happen again… and I like high-probability trades.

Sure enough, as the stock took off… my option popped for a 123% winner in under 3 weeks!

If you had put $2,000 into this play, you would’ve banked $2,423 in one month.

Pretty good.

If I had held the option to maturity, it would’ve notched a 368% win…that's okay. We don't need massive wins to make a ton of money.

Let me show you more.

What you're about to see in the next few minutes is a way to buy (and win) with low-risk options using my approach to reading charts.

You don't need any fancy software...

There's no black box indicator you need to purchase and load...

All you need is a free stock chart...

And an understanding on how to read the market and its current price.

Because when you do...

You'll not only learn how to find high probability options trades that can net even $2,423 in a month...as you just saw.

You'll be able to forecast where the market will go TODAY!

I'll show you proof in a day of trading how I forecasted exactly where the market would move.

All thanks to my Options MoneyLine... those blue lines I just showed you on the chart.

With it... I'm able to win 83% of my options buys.

You’ve probably heard you can only nab an 83% win rate from selling options.

And I love selling options, I do it daily.

Today, however, I’m going to show you how to win at buying options… and not just
to win some pennies.

I mean winning TRIPLE the rate of even ‘expert’ option buyers out there.

The next few minutes will change how you view options trading… especially when you want to get bullish or bearish on a stock.

My track record doing all this is public.

When buying long calls or buying puts, here are
my stats over the past 18 months:

•83% win rate

•Average profit per trade 27% (includes winners and losers). Every $1,000 produces $270 in profit.

•20 days is the average time a trade is open

Let me be clear here...

Most STOCK traders... not even options traders... only win 40-60% of the time. Majority of options buyers only win 20-30% of the time.

Using my approach to trading... my MoneyLine options system...

You could have a higher win rate than even day traders or swing traders.

And none of this is some back-tested BS. I see so many fake traders out there touting a magic strategy based on 'back tests.'

Back tests or "historical tests" mean nothing. Only real trades with real opens and closes. Wins and losses. Money all on the table. That's what I'm showing you.

I literally use the MoneyLine to make a living trading myself...and have for the past 20 years.

Honestly, this 83% win rate buying options is simply UNHEARD OF in the options field. You'd think I hooked up some private feed right into the options exchange at this win rate.

I have nothing. Nothing but my charts and a long-standing understanding of how the stock markets work and how stock prices work.

You're getting my secret sauce to big winners.

Take a look at a few of my winners:

411% on AXP in 31 days in February 2023

•123% on BX in 17 days in June 2023

•102% on RIVN in 4 months in July 2023

•72% on AAPL in 2 days in May 2023

•124% on XLV in 22 days in June 2023

•125% on BP in 20 days in February 2023

•52% on UUP in 38 days in June 2022

•18% on IWM in 1 day in October 2023

•75% on U in 3 days in November 2023

•51% on SLV in 2 days in November 2023

•48% on PATH in 7 days in September 2023

•39% on DIA in 6 days in January 2023

•41% on NTAP in 2 days in December 2022

You buy options on NTAP… and you bank 41% in 2 days… every $2,000 throws off $820 in 48 hours.

That’s not a fortune… and options are NOT get rich quick.

But imagine doing that again and again for the next one, two, three years. Especially at a 83% win rate as I’m touting now.

All you need to do is understand how these blue lines work.

Understand these blue lines… you will automatically become a better trader starting today

Here's another in October 2023...

On SLV... bought right as the stock was in distress hitting the bottom MoneyLine.

Rode it up in 10 days for a 22% gain to the second MoneyLine.

Easy peazy.

Understand these blue lines… you will automatically become a better trader starting today

Look again...

Notice anything cool.

You could've used the Options MoneyLine to trade SLV 9 times in 2023!

ALL would've been profitable if you just bought at the MoneyLine and rode it up.

Understand these blue lines… you will automatically become a better trader starting today
You're going to start seeing MoneyLines everywhere.

I call them the Options “MoneyLines” because if you buy options at those lines… you can make profits in under a month as the price moves.

They aren't an indicator you can pull up.

You need to find themselves. I'll help you.

When you do... you'll have a shot at averaging 27% net gains every trade.

That's turning every $1,000 into $1,270 in 20 days... then doing it again and again.

No one else is winning this much with options. I promise you that.

Hi, I'm Nic Chahine.

I built successful startups from the early stages…
But my true calling was to trade full-time for myself.

I trade fairly conservatively, even when trading options.
I take all my risks away from the trading desk.

I trade options full-time and have done so for over 20 years.

Every morning, I wake up at 3:55a on the dot every Monday – Friday to get ready to trade the markets.

On the West Coast, you don’t have much of a choice as the markets open at 6:30a… but I’m there, trading 8 hours per day. Usually also helping 200-300 people in a live room each day.

You won’t find any fancy degrees on my wall or letters after my name.

My degrees are in Electrical Engineering and Finance. Two very conservative professions.

If you want to beat me in trading,
you’ll need to study charts
9-10 hours per day like me.

Most can’t and don’t have the time.

Reading charts, studying patterns, managing trading positions is my ultimate passion.

Call it an addiction if you want. It’s a good addiction.

The markets have made me a full-time living for two decades. Before trading, I helped lead two successful startups, then exited them with a nice nest egg.

That nest egg gave me the boost to trade full-time.

And that’s what I’ve done for the past two decades. I don’t NEED to help traders become better.

Helping you is another thing I simply enjoy doing.

Most of my day is spent trading with my top subscribers watching over my shoulder. We’re a community that helps each other out all day long. I hope you’ll join me one day.

Sometimes, I’m giving them great trades…

Like this one in GWW in 2023… a stock that went on to double…

Other times, it’s saving them from disaster:

Like saving subs from wanting to ‘buy the dip’ in GOSS in Dec 2022.

Saved them from a near 80% loss.

For now, I simply want you to start buying options and winning while doing it.

There’s one thing I do that’s different from most options traders out there.

It’s how I approach trading options.

I have a proven track record of winning from buying naked calls and puts.

Like I said, I do spreads and the like… and I’ll share that another day.

You could’ve traded with me and banked wins as high as 411% in 31 days on American Express options.

That would take a $2,000 position and make it $10,220 in a month. Pretty good.

Rather than go nuts chasing low win rate trades...

I take the approach of small wins, compounded over time can make you consistent cash over time.

Even if you work a full-time job, you can put on these trades as they’re open for an average of 20 days.

Just open your phone or computer and put on the trade.

The trades I recommend take as little as $70 to execute.

Other trades can run up to around $575 per contract.

This isn’t a lot of money.

One trade in Apple cost $250. Was a 72% winner.

100 shares would’ve been $17,500… and you likely would’ve only made 5% owning the shares while tying up all that capital.

That’s why I love options. Sure, I buy some stock for long-term holds or swings…

But you’ll mostly see me trading options in the trenches.

And most simply can’t do that.

You'll understand MoneyLines when you come to grips with this single fact...

The market is choreographed!

No one believes me when I tell them this… but you can map out exactly where the market HAS TO go each day.

Watch me do it recently…

When Warren Buffett says the stock market today is more a casino than investing, he’s probably right. 

It’s not company fundamentals driving the price up and down… it’s narrative, it’s machines trading millions of shares every millisecond using math and geometry. 

And with all this, comes patterns.   You’ve heard traders talk about chart patterns like head-and-shoulders, breakouts, double or triple bottoms. 

Those are correct and I use them. 

 But the market itself is just a choreographed machine… and after 20+ years of studying the markets 8-10 hours every day… It’s not hard to crack the market’s moves. 

 Watch me do it right now.  

What you’re about to see is a few images over a couple hours of
one, recent trading day.

I show you exactly where the market will go…

I didn’t cherry-pick this day… I just happened to take these screenshots in the middle of when I was writing up this presentation you’re reading now.  Before the market opens, I trace out the range of where the market will likely sit that day. 

Then, using volume analysis, resistance points and other indicators… I predict the direction and volatility of the market that day. 

This particular day was March 13, 2024. 

Take a look at how close the market’s moving based on my pre-market estimate for price action. 

It’s almost dead-on. 

The market looked top-heavy, so I expected some distribution and a drop on that particular Wednesday. 

Watch as the market continues to follow my estimate: 


Good bond auction news releases at 1:00 pm est… 

And the market breaks out of its inevitable fall. 

Bulls look like they’ve taken over… but hold up.  See my line at the very top… that’s a major resistance point. It’s a spot I expect the ‘big money’ will sell and take their profits that day.  A head and shoulders pattern emerges intra-day…  And I draw a circle on the far right (see it there?). 

Headlines move the markets… but once the news dissipates… equilibrium returns. 

That’s what I predicted would happen after the brief bullish bond market news. 

Sure enough…

The ‘buy and sell the news’ traders abandon the trade… and the market pulls back to exactly where I said it would. 

Look at the timing, too! Exactly perfect!

This is incredible… and it’s doable once you start trading more with me. 

Next, the market bounces right where I drew a circle…

I’m telling you, the market is choreographed… this is how I’m able to triple the win rate of other options buyers. 

Then, as expected… more negative news pulls the market down: 

The market then drops about as far as my initial prediction was before the positive bond auction news. 

Big money loads up as weak hands sell the dip… and big money gets paid off. 

Market goes back to neutral after the volatile middle session. Big money and the machines made money pushing the market up, sold at top, waiting for drop, bought at bottom, rode it back to neutral. 

Anyone who bought at the beginning of the day and sold at the close made little. 

This is how I mean the market is choreographed. 

You can find these patterns again and again. 

What you just witnessed was 20+ years of watching the market play its little games again and again. I’ve seen it all. 

As you learn to identify MoneyLines, you can map out (like me) where the market will go next! This plays HEAVILY into winning triple the rate of other options traders.


How do I know the ranges to know exactly where the market (and the stocks) go?

I estimate the market will stay within a range each day about 95% of the time.

If you know the market will stay in an expected range 95% of the time, it’s pretty easy to begin buying low and selling high.

My secret sauce is understanding the range of the market and trading within that range.

Yes, when the headlines push the markets out of their ‘predetermined path,’ you adapt as a trader.

It’s my response to folks who say, “Well, Nic, if you know where the market is going, wouldn’t you be a billionaire?”

I do NOT know where the market will go every single day. 

I make an estimated call based on MoneyLine levels, but it can disrupt the pattern if some major news breaks.

You can only get as good as me with regular trading, studying charts, being IN the markets.

I can help.

No one else out there has the win rate I do buying options.

That’s because I understand the market is choreographed and you simply follow the breadcrumbs.

Ultimately, the market’s rigged to help those in power become wealthy and to sucker punch retail traders.

The ‘high ups’ know what they’re doing with market movements, pushing narratives to move stock prices and more.

They use headlines to disrupt the inevitable patterns on the chart.

You can still beat them.

What’s the secret to triple the win rates of every option buyer out there?

Using MoneyLines the correct way... and understanding why they work so dang good.

You have to know how to read the chart.

Not only that…

Know when to buy.

Here’s a great example…

IWM. It’s the Russell 2000 small-cap index. Beat up a ton over the past few years for long-term holders.

But traders can take advantage of the rollercoaster if you know how to read a chart the way I do.

Pay attention as this is the difference between winning options traders and losers.

I bet you also have never seen a chart like I draw them. 

Take a look at my 1-day trade in IWM that netted 30% in October 2023:

30% win in 1 day following the “MoneyLine”

Check out the blue lines again.

I use many colors on my charts, but today… to keep it simple… it is blue.

Those blue lines are points of resistance where price has failed before. Normally, a large volume of buyers and sellers wait at these points.

The markets are completely machine-run now. 

Trading machines run on algorithms and geometry… and machines make many of the trades happening every millisecond in the markets.

These machines are trading patterns… and I’ll show you how I follow these patterns in a second. 

For now, we’re watching where the price turns whenever it hits a blue line.

Take a look at this 75% win on Unity Software (U) in Nov 2023.

Stock keeps bouncing off the bottom blue line… get in when it hits the next bottom! (we did)

The price touched that bottom blue line 4 times before I entered for a quick swing.

If we had held the option until expiration, we could’ve made 368%… but, you won’t do that.

Consistent wins vs. going for big home runs.

Most option traders want the home runs. Not me. Don’t get greedy.

Here’s what I mean by don’t get greedy:

I bought into SSYS at the bottom blue line in August 2023.

If you get a quick 25% win in 1 day… don’t be greedy… book the profits.

The option jumped 25% in one day. I didn’t wait for the price to reach the next blue line; I took my profits.

Fortunately, I did as the stock then cratered from there and didn’t ever bounce back.


A bad headline can derail a stock’s normal progression. In this case, Stratasys had a failed takeover that shareholders wanted.

I didn’t trade SSYS after that.

In other cases, everything lines up perfectly.

Look at this winner on XLV in June 2023:

You’ll be spotting these trends yourself starting today

The blue lines don’t lie.

We buy at the bottom of the blue line… ride it to the next blue line.

Here, we made 124% in 24 days.

Sometimes, our stock will shoot past our sell point as it gaps up…

Like this winner on ETSY in July 2023. A 43% bag in 9 days. Sold it not into the first resistance line, but the second.

This strategy works in REVERSE too
when you’re bearish!

If you’re bearish on a stock, you do the exact opposite…

Buy a put when a stock is at the top line… and watch it fall…

Here’s a bearish trade on GLD in January 2024: 

Stock hits one of our top blue lines…

We then ride the stock down for a quick 21% winner in just 3 days. 

Alibaba (BABA) I did the same in January 2023…

Bought puts at the very top! Option doubled by maturity

Made a quick 21% in two weeks.

Bought the puts at the VERY top of the range.

That’s the best spot to buy because the options are cheaper there. Once BABA starts falling, the option prices inflate quickly.

When you know how to follow the range of the market and the lines… you won’t be overpaying.

Here’s a longer term trade that took 3 years to set up!

A 125% winner going bearish on BP in early 2023.

Waited 3 years for this setup!

Bought puts at the top line… and notice the stock didn’t even drop that much to hit a 125% profit in 20 days.

Because the stock had been going up for 3 years… no one was bearish.

I waited for a high-probability setup for a slight pullback and made triple digits. 

Here’s one more bearish buy… our biggest winner the last two years.

A 411% gain on American Express (AXP) in March 2023.

Biggest option buy was a put on American Express…a 411% win!

Bought a put as the stock was surging into longer term resistance…

Rode it down to the second blue line and cashed out. 

That’s much different than most option buyers who wait until the stock is already falling before getting in.

It’s hard to win that way.

As you follow the markets more and trade options, you’ll see these patterns emerge that you don’t need to ‘chase.’ 

You can put yourself into high-probability setups.

Nic’s Top 5 Rules if you want to WIN with buying options for huge profits with me

1. Follow the MoneyLines like I showed you

I showed you a few examples already: 

Buy when a stock is at a point of resistance. 

You’re paying less for the option and have a higher chance at upside.
You’re paying less for the option and have a higher chance at upside.

2. Have a stop-loss

Never enter a trade without knowing when you’ll get out. This is pretty common advice, but you can do the same with options.  

I usually try and ditch a trade when it hits -35% or so by the end of a trading day. Options are volatile, so knowing when to get out can be tricky.

I tell you when to bail when you trade with me.

3. Don’t chase a stock, buy it at a pullback

Wait until a stock pulls back before you get in.

Buying breakouts is great for stockpickers, but not for option buyers. When a stock is in favor, the market makers jack up option prices and squeeze out your profits.

You do that by buying at the bottom of the line (for calls) and the top of the line (for puts).

When you reverse this, you end up massively overpaying. Your option is also more likely to fail, so your win rate sinks to the norm of 20-40%.

4. Only trade fundamentally sound companies

I won’t go into much of that here. But buying trash companies puts you at the whim of one bad headline sending your position into the toilet.

Strong companies constantly receive a mix of good and bad news—that’s how the big money controls the markets.

However, if you’re trying to trade a dead company like Bed, Bath & Beyond or JCPenney, you could get wiped out tomorrow. Meanwhile, trying to short those companies, the sentiment is already poor that the option prices make the juice not worth the squeeze.

Finding highly liquid, fundamentally sound companies allows for much smoother chart lines.

Even trading Nvidia can be disastrous as there’s no telling what to do when a chart looks like this:

Very difficult to trade stocks like this with options… best to just buy stock or stay away

It’s crazy difficult. Even though the fundamentals are there, making these trades is tough.

That’s why I trade stocks like Apple.

There are run-ups, then pullbacks, with more runs, pullbacks… it’s a trader’s dream.

This is even better for options traders, who can buy options a few months out and let the market do its thing.

Still, make sure the company is fundamentally sound, but not irrationally priced (like Nvidia).

5. Don’t get greedy

You’ll rarely see me go after 500-1,000% option wins.

Sure, those are pretty and marketers love to tout those beauties.

That’s not me.

If I land a nice 30% pop, I’m nailing down profits quickly.

Again, with options, you’re fighting time decay, gamma, volatility, earnings, headlines, the Fed… It’s a 10-headed monster.

When the markets hand you a nice, tidy profit in a day or two, you say “thanks” and move on to the next trade.

It’s one of my secrets to such a good win rate.

So many times a 100% winner can go to a -100% loser with 1-2 down days in the market.

Forget about going after 500% winners… string 30-50% wins together, and you’ll see your portfolio tick upwards.

My average win is around 27% (that includes winners and losers averaged).

So every $1,000 returns $1,270. That’s $270 in profit in an average of 21 days.


5 rules to win at option buying more than anyone else:

1. Follow the MoneyLine I showed you

2. Have a stop-loss

3. Don’t chase a stock, buy it on a pullback

4. Only trade fundamentally sound companies

5. Don’t get greedy

I just gave you the keys to buying options with a win rate TRIPLE that of every other trader

But there’s still more to discover…

  • How do you know where the blue lines should go?
  • Which stocks make sense to buy options on?
  • What strike price and expiration should you be targeting?
  • Should you buy an option right when a stock hits a blue line?
  • How does the overall market play into this? 
  • Can you trade earnings this way? 
  • When do you stop loss out? 

I don’t have time to go through all this with you now. 

What if...

Over the next 20 days, you could earn $540 in profits from just one trade?

My next trade is going out in the next 5 days... which means that could happen

If my average net gain is 27% per trade (win or lose)… 

$2,000 in a trade would net an average of $540. Since it’s an average, it could be more… think thousands. Or, it could be a small loss or even a smaller win. 

But the average is $2,000 would generate $540. 

A few months of that… you’re buying yourself a vacation. 

$540 could pick up the grocery tab this month or a few nice date nights. Your partner will be flabbergasted where the money came from!

Rather than try and sell you some course on using the MoneyLine yourself…

Why not just GIVE you the right trades to make. 

After all, I study 8+ hours a day to find trades. You don’t have that time. 

Let me do the work.

This means I send you trade alerts, and you see what I’m looking at, when I’m selling, what strikes to buy, etc. 

And I’ll do that for you… and it’s going for an incredible price right now. 

I’m sharing 2-3 trades per month inside my flagship options newsletter, Options MoneyLine

The goal = Get you buying options low and selling them into the “MoneyLine" at triple the win rate of others

I shared my story. 

I learned options in the trenches… trying hundreds, maybe thousands of strategies, scenarios … everything.

After reading this, I hope your trading and perception of the market changes. 

That’s a promise —> From here on out, whether you join me inside Options MoneyLine or we never talk again, you will see the market clearer than ever. 

I trade full-time, waking up at 3:55 a.m. to prepare for the day. Trading makes me all the money I need. 

About 9 years ago, I decided to turn on my screen capture video and let YouTube viewers watch me pick out winning stocks and setups. 


I got 100 views on my best days. 

Remember 2013-2014 was essentially the emergence from the Great Recession, and most people were still sour on stocks. 

There I was pumping out winning trade ideas into the quiet void. 

Well, a few years later, Benzinga.com… one of the largest financial publications online (millions of readers per month) saw some of my options work and asked me to come aboard. 

I had amassed over 7,000+ subscribers at the time, but it was a side project to my full-time trading. 

I didn’t think anything of it, but agreed, especially as I’d still get to trade full-time. 

Benzinga would simply open up doors for others to trade alongside me. 

Since then, hundreds of people have seen my best trades each month.


Every single trading day, 200-300 active traders sit and trade with me for 8 hours daily. 


Really, they do. 
Take a look: 

Now, you can join me each day another time… 

For now, Options MoneyLine is the best way to start trading options the way I do it. A way that wins double, even triple the rate of others. 

When you join, I’ll start sending you 2-3 trades per month to begin trading now. 

Here’s what it’ll look like: 

That’s the ongoing portfolio.

You’ll see the entire history of the service there… wins and losses. It’s all included. 

I showed you my track record already:

When buying long calls or buying puts, here are my stats (again) over the past 18 months: 


  • 83% win rate
  • Average profit per trade 27% (includes winners and losers)
  • 20 days is the average time a trade is open

Take a look at a few of my winners:

  • 411% on AXP in 31 days
  • 123% on BX in 17 days
  • 102% on RIVN  in 4 months
  • 72% on AAPL in 2 days
  • 124% on XLV in 22 days
  • 125% on BP in 20 days
  • 52% on UUP in 38 days
  • 18% on IWM in 1 day
  • 75% on U in 3 days
  • 51% on SLV in 2 days
  • 48% on PATH in 7 days
  • 39% on DIA in 6 days
  • 41% on NTAP in 2 days

Each trade has an original write-up… like this winning trade on Apple: 

I share my sentiment on the stock… I’ll pull up a chart… give you a stop loss. 

It’s a quick, simple, easy analysis to skim. You can read it while at work and easily put the trade on with your phone in between meetings if you have to. 

As the trade progresses, I will release an update or alert to close it out: 

In this case, the trade only took about 2 days to play out… gains hit within hours. That’s why I tell you to read the notes fast and put the trade on, even if it’s on your phone. Options can move into the green within minutes.

I’m giving you the:

Entry price

  • Exit target price
  • The stop loss
  • Strike price
  • Expiration date

Everything you need to put on a simple call or put option. 

In this case, we hit 28% gains on Apple in just a few hours.

Meaning, a $500 trade would’ve produced around $140 in cash in hours. 

All thanks to Options MoneyLine. 

And you won’t even pay $140 to join this service!

Because this is a more ‘simpler’, easy product for both beginners and experienced traders, I wanted to make it affordable to anyone interested in winning with options. 

That’s why Options MoneyLine isn’t $140… it’s not even $100. 

I’ll share the price in a minute. 


How can you place these MoneyLine options trades?
Well...Not only are you getting the trades…

But you’ll also get access to 11 video trainings:

You get 11 full trainings on everything I know about options and different strategies: 

  • How to read an options chain
  • How I day trade options… getting in and out of positions in hours
  • My breakdown on when to use spreads
  • When to exit an options trade
  • What setups make sense for day trades or swing option trades?

It goes all the way to basic info such as “What is a call?” and “What is a put option?” 

Watch over my shoulder as I walk you through these concepts one by one. 

These recordings could sell for $100-$200… as I spent hours making them. 

You get them 100% as a free member of Options MoneyLine. 

I won’t stop there. 

These trainings are evergreen, and you can watch them at any time. 

But what about what’s going on in the market right now? 

The only way to start spotting trades like I do is to show you what I’m looking at. 

2x per month, join me for a live,
1-hour, NO PITCH ‘after-hours’ training session with me
Ask me about ANY ticker you want!

I even have recordings of the past dozen or so I’ve done you can go back and watch.

It’s all in the Options MoneyLine portal waiting for you.

You can watch them at double speed too so you can zoom through them at your own pace. 

These calls are simple…

I go through: 

  • What tickers I’m LONG in and recommend
  • What tickers to NOT TOUCH with a 10-foot pole
  • On-the-spot lessons on how to read a chart and what kind of options trade to put on for a situation

Here I was breaking down Microsoft. 

Look at the lines!

I’m mapping out Microsoft’s ‘money lines’ right on screen for you. 

I go through probably 24-30 tickers right there on the call. 

Plus, you can ask me about your own tickers you’re interested in!

One trader asked me about TSM. 

On the spot, I told him, “Stay away! Overextended!” 

I even shared the buy point for where I’d start nibbling. 

You’ll have to go watch the replay to see where I told him to start buying. 

Another subscriber asked about Coinbase after it had popped…

I told him he wasn’t following the right lines… it wasn’t a call option spot… but a PUT option opportunity. 

Stock dropped 80% in the next few weeks… may have saved that subscriber a fortune.

These monthly trainings have ZERO pitch at the end. No upsells or anything. 

It’s pure content for you. ( I may mention other services I have as multiple tiers of traders watch these bi-monthly calls). 

You’d normally find bi-monthly trainings like this as part of $1,000+ services. 

Not here. 

I shared an Apple trade where you could’ve banked $140 in a couple of hours starting with a mere $500 bucks. 

I promised Options MoneyLine wouldn’t even cost $140… or $100. 

For just $79, you can get 12 months of access to Options MoneyLine.

Here’s what you get for just $79: 

Up to 36 options trade alerts = That’s entry prices, stops, exit alerts, analysis and more. (that’s under $3 an alert)

A portal housing my entire track record and everything you get together = All contained inside one of the top financial news sites in the world (Benzinga).

11 full video trainings on everything you need to know about options trading = Many charge $200+ for basic trainings like this. All yours as a free bonus.

Up to 24 ‘after-hour’ LIVE training sessions with me = No pitch, just pure content. Full Q&A the entire time. Ask me about any ticker you want at any time in the session. (easy $200 value)

All for just $79 to get 12 months of access. 

I’m trying to give you as much as possible (and Benzinga will allow) at such a low price point. 

My goal is for you to eventually trade alongside me a few hours per day, if not all day. I have people who work full-time jobs who trade with me a few times per day. 

I hope you get there soon. 

For now, join me inside Options MoneyLine for a mere $0.21 per day!

And I’ll shoulder all the risk. 

If at any point over the next 12 months, you are not happy…

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Because most people have no clue how to trade options profitably. 

I’m winning double, even triple the rate of others because I do things differently. 

You will have me guiding you along the way to discover how to make trades like: 

  • 411% on AXP in 31 days
  • 123% on BX in 17 days
  • 102% on RIVN  in 4 months
  • 72% on AAPL in 2 days
  • 124% on XLV in 22 days
  • 125% on BP in 20 days

You’ll start spotting these trades. As I promised, you’re about to see the market in a whole new way, whether you join me in Options MoneyLine or not. 

Options MoneyLine can work for you whether you’re a new trader, you’ve failed at options before, or you trade full-time. 

New traders can learn all the jargon, learn how to put on the trade and start making trades recommended by someone who does this full-time. 

Experienced traders get new trade ideas for a low price…, and you can test whether I’m someone you might want to trade with in the future. 

Come join. 

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There’s no magic indicator or software. 

It’s all about how you approach these companies and their stocks. 

Let me show you. 

My next trade alert will be out soon… and these trades can move fast. The next one could be a 20% winner… or go all the way up to a 411% win this month. 

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Nic Chahine
Editor of Options MoneyLine