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What Traders Think About Premium Newsletters

Here is how traders just like you find the Benzinga Premium Newsletters…

– Van N.

Clearwater, FL

" I highly recommend the options newsletter to anyone interested in options trading. The value from this service outweighs the cost many times over! I would encourage and again recommend subscribing to the 3 Benzinga Options newsletters. I have learned many trading pointers from Nic with his guidance on his webinars as well. As always in trading, one needs to be thorough, ask questions, and read the entire analysis. "


"I have been enjoying the premium newsletter so far and have been learning a lot! This isn’t just an email with a trade idea, it does provide context on the reasoning behind the trade with charts and an entire explanation! I would recommend this service to anyone interested in levelling up their trading and would encourage them to review all of the content provided in a timely manner!"

– Stephen K.

Portland, OR

– Cameron W.

Houston, TX

"I’ve had my subscription to the newsletter for a while now, and I quite like it! When I started seeing the trades that were sent out, I must admit I was really skeptical about them because they seemed a bit strange to me. However, as time went on, I noticed that something like 9/10 trades provide me value! I typically make my trades while at work but still try to read the entire explanation as they are super helpful. Again, I like this service a lot. The returns easily covered the cost of the subscription many times over!"


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