In this episode of Cannabis Insider, the hosts interview Zach George, the CEO of SNDL (NASDAQ: SNDL), a cannabis and liquor distribution company. They discuss SNDL's recent earnings report, their financial flexibility, and their strategies for differentiation in the crowded cannabis market. They also touch on the potential of the US market and the future of the Canadian cannabis industry. Overall, Zach George emphasizes the company's solid progress and their focus on profitable growth.


-SNDL has shown solid progress with a 4% increase in revenue year over year and a record gross profit margin of 25%.

-The company has achieved debt-free status and has substantial unrestricted cash and investments, providing financial flexibility for future plans.

-SNDL differentiates itself in the crowded cannabis market by focusing on convenience, value, and a great in-store experience.

-The US market is attractive to SNDL, especially with the potential rescheduling of cannabis, but they are currently focused on managing their existing pipeline and helping restructure US vehicles.

-The Canadian cannabis market is maturing, and SNDL sees opportunities for profitable growth in the future, with a potential shift towards an oligopoly.

-Despite the challenges and pain in the market, SNDL is optimistic about the future and looks forward to an active year in 2024.

Featured Guest(s):

Zach George, CEO - SNDL, Inc.


Meet The Host(s):

Patricio Liddle, Cannabis Writer - Benzinga

Elliot Lane


00:00 Introduction and Recap of Previous Interview

01:38 Introduction of Zach George, CEO of SNDL

03:04 Overview of SNDL's Different Segments

04:15 Factors Contributing to SNDL's Profitability

05:41 Financial Flexibility and Future Plans

06:32 Seasonality in the Cannabis and Liquor Markets

08:24 The Potential of Hemp-Derived Beverages

09:35 Regulatory Framework and Market Dynamics

12:20 Differentiation Strategies in the Crowded Cannabis Market

14:14 The Attractiveness of the US Market and Managing the Existing Pipeline

16:07 The Future of the Canadian Cannabis Industry


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