How Should Financial Advisors Market Themselves?

How Should Financial Advisors Market Themselves?

In the season 2 premiere of That Makes Cents, an eMoney Advisor podcast powered by Benzinga, Benzinga’s Spencer Israel speaks with Val Rivera, senior product marketing manager at eMoney, and Lou Melone, CFP, managing partner at Budd, Melone & Company.

Ask any financial advisor what the top 2-3 challenges of their job are, and chances are most of them will at least mention marketing in one way or another.

That’s because marketing is incredibly difficult, even on a good day. Throw a pandemic into the equation and it makes things even that much more complicated.

This is why we’ve dedicated Season 2 of That Makes Cents to the subject. For advisors, this means figuring out how to reach new and existing clients in a way that best suits everyone. For individuals, it means deciphering how to find an advisor that would best fit their needs. 

Each episode of That Makes Cents Season 2 will feature a rotating cast of guests from eMoney, a leading provider of solutions and services that helps people talk about money, and financial advisors, who will share what works for them. 

In our season premiere, we talk about marketing from a high level, such as what advisors should think about when it comes to forming a marketing strategy, how to go about it, what tools can help, and how to measure your success.

In this episode, eMoney Senior Product Marketing Manager Val Rivera and Budd, Melone & Company Managing Partner Lou Melone discuss:

  • How to reach potential clients (6:10)
  • What tools advisors can use to market themselves(14:15)
  • How to measure success in a marketing campaign (25:38)

Listen to the full episode of That Makes Cents below, or download it on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Tunein

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