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Detroit News Auto Critic: Tesla Model 3 Is 'The Auto Story Of The 21st Century'

Detroit News Auto Critic: Tesla Model 3 Is 'The Auto Story Of The 21st Century'

"The Model 3 may not be the Model T. But it's the auto story of the 21st century. And its mad genius creator will be tweeting every step of the way." –Henry Payne, The Detroit News

In an article from the Detriot News, auto critic Henry Payne paralleled this century's innovative "Model" car to Henry Ford's revolutionary Model, the one and only Model T.

Not only does Tesla Motors Inc (NYSE: TSLA)'s Model 3 share the first name with Ford's classic black automobile, the differentiators rhyme in a cunning way that makes the revolutionary aspects of the 3 evoke those of the T from 1908 seem keenly strategic on Elon Musk's part.

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The Contemporary Henry's Story

Payne relayed his auto "coming of age" story, outlining what led him to reserve his very own Model 3. His tale, full of both literary allusions (to both the Bible and "Harry Potter") and plenty of ties to Henry Ford's own story, reveled in the innovations the auto industry has experienced over the last 108 years.

His draw to the Model 3 was not inspired by a dislike for gas-propelled engines ("I don't believe the gasoline engine is the Fifth Horseman of the Climate Apocalypse"), nor was it the power of the engine coupled with the compelling price tag ("I think the new all-wheel drive Ford Focus RS will run rings around the Tesla Model 3 for the same price").

Rather, Payne found himself paying the $1,000 down because of the experience and potential.

"Because it's the most intriguing auto story since the Model T, and Elon Musk is the boldest America auto entrepreneur since Henry Ford," Payne said. "In short, I want to be along for the ride."

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Payne continued to draw comparisons to Henry Ford: "The Model 3 is hardly perfect and neither is its maker. Like the controversial Mr. Ford – who meddled in employees' private lives and beat up unions – Mr. Musk is famously intemperate and has disingenuously claimed his cars produce zero emissions (in truth, auto electrification will require a massive expansion of centralization, carbon-powered infrastructure). Auto genius, it seems, breeds eccentrics."

"Tesla is what inspired the 200-mile-range lickety-split Bolt. Musk's vision has forced every serious automaker into the performance electric car space, from Chevy to Porsche (the Mission E) to Audi (The Q6 eTron). With the resulting volume in metro areas, the Model 3 & Co. will likely change energy infrastructure just as the Model T did."

Shares of Tesla are up about 19 percent to $266 since last Thursday's Model 3 unveiling and preorder event.


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