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Internet Parity Is Coming....And It's Pretty Profound

Internet Parity Is Coming....And It's Pretty Profound

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Alright, this is pretty profound.

Internet parity.

What the?

In other words: the day when every adult on the planet has access to the Internet. Someone will have to make that day a Holiday. Right now, we're not very close -- some estimates:

• In the U.S., there are 322 million people. 279 million are connected to the Internet.
• In China, there about 1.4 billion people. 641 million are connected.
• In India, there are 1.3 billion people. Only 243 million are connected.
• In Brazil, there are 202 million people. About half of them are connected.
And the list goes on...

BUT wait. One more thing.

The rate at which people are getting connected is increasing. And the number of people who are not connected is decreasing. Below you will find a must-see chart. It's from Benedict Evans. What does it show? By 2018, it's estimated that 25 percent of the world will NOT have an Internet connection. The days of wondering who HAS an Internet connection are over. If you aren't connected... now that's shocking.

Let's think about that some more. First off, transport back in time 20 years ago. Pretty much no one had an Internet connection then. Pizza Hut had a homepage though. It looked like this. Today, 5 billion people are connected. And soon 6 billion people will be connected. That's a long way to come in such a short amount of time. In the time it takes a child to grow into an adult, the world will have connected almost everyone on it.

Enter, stage right -- Internet Parity:


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