Ford's Innovative Drone Patent Set To Revolutionize Roadside Assistance: Jumper Cables Delivered On Demand

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  • A new patent from Ford could help stranded drivers.
  • A look at some recent patent filings from Ford.

Automotive company Ford Motor Company F has a new patent that could help people with stranded vehicles or in need of a bit of roadside assistance.

What Happened: Ford has ventured into new features and business lines, which sometimes require the filing of patents.

The company filed for an item that would use drones back in 2017 and recently had the patent published.

Under the patent, Ford would be able to fly a drone to a vehicle in need of assistance and provide jumper cables or open the car hood and charge directly from the drone itself, as reported by Ford Authority.

The patent would allow drivers to submit a request that they need a drone, according to the New York Post.

Ford filed for a patent in 2019 that would allow a drone to launch from the vehicle’s trunk to alert emergency services after a breakdown or accident.

The automaker launched a drone division five years ago and continues to file patents related to the business unit.

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Why It’s Important: The new patent to provide assistance could help Ford provide an added service that others don’t.

It is unclear if Ford would offer the service for free or part of an add-on package.

Along with providing charges for traditional automotive batteries, Ford might also consider providing assistance for those in need of a charge on their electric vehicle battery someday.

While this patent will come off as a positive development for consumers, a report about another patent the company recently filed didn’t get the same reaction.

A different patent from Ford centers on consumers who miss car payments with the company. Under the terms of the patent, Ford would be able to disable certain features inside the vehicle including GPS, air conditioning, power windows, power seats, and the radio if a car payment is missed.

The patent also says Ford could release an ear-piercing noise inside the car in an attempt to get people to pay their car loans on time.

Perhaps the most concerning part of the new patent was the ability to have a self-driving vehicle repossess itself if car payments were missed and drive away.

Whether it's providing help along the road for a dead battery or getting consumers to pay their car loans on time, Ford has a database full of patents ready to go.

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