Putin Ally Warns 'Immediate...Use Of Russian Nuclear Weapons' If US Deploys Nukes In Ukraine

Vladimir Putin‘s ally and former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, reacting to a petition in Ukraine asking the U.S. to station its nukes in Kyiv, said it would lead to an "immediate…use of Russian nuclear weapons."

What Happened: Medvedev, currently serving as Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, wrote on Telegram that a petition had been published in Kyiv, urging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to consider restoring Ukraine's nuclear status, along with the option of deploying and utilizing NATO nuclear weapons.

"And what? Tanks and missiles are being delivered, aircraft are almost ready to be delivered. You look, and they will give up their nuclear weapons," he said, adding, "No pity for good people." 

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This came after the petition, on Thursday, was uploaded to Ukraine's presidential website suggesting the placement of American nuclear weapons in Ukraine or the establishment of Ukraine as a state with its own nuclear weapons. Should the petition garner 25,000 signatures within 90 days, the Ukrainian leader would be obliged to review the proposal and respond accordingly.

In the past decade, various petitions have been posted on the Ukrainian presidential website suggesting that Kyiv should obtain nuclear weapons. However, none of these petitions received enough votes to be reviewed by the president. 

Meanwhile, Medvedev also quipped at U.S. president  Joe Biden, saying that "Biden may not remember to whom he gave his suitcase with codes." 

"Perhaps in the form of a Russian petition" advocating "immediate preemptive (preventive) use of Russian nuclear weapons" in the event that Biden "still presents his suitcase" to a "white powder lover" or "inadvertently lose it during the next visit to Kyiv."

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