Autonomous Vehicle Software Developer Oxbotica Taps Google Cloud To Expand Global Presence

  • British-based autonomous vehicle software developer Oxbotica collaborated with Alphabet Inc GOOG GOOGL Google Cloud to fast-track the deployment of its autonomous software platform globally.
  • The partnership will combine Google Cloud's expertise in cloud infrastructure with Oxbotica's autonomous vehicle software to create scalable, safe, and reliable autonomous driving solutions for any business with transportation in its value chain, including last-mile logistics, light industry, and public transport.
  • Oxbotica plans to use Google Cloud's computing, storage, networking, and leading data and analytics products like Vertex AI to help develop and verify its self-driving technology. 
  • It will also leverage Google Cloud's cyber-security technologies to help ensure the secure use of autonomous mobility technology.
  • Oxbotica will use Google Cloud to generate digital twins in Oxbotica's MetaDriver, an AI-powered metaverse that connects and controls virtual and physical fleets together, sending real-time analytics on performance.
  • With Google Cloud, Oxbotica's customers can easily and quickly scale from single prototype vehicles to full fleets.
  • Oxbotica intends to use Google Cloud infrastructure to make available application programming interfaces (APIs) for autonomous driving, enabling its customers to create new lines of business (such as applications and other products) and more efficiently manage their existing data and services.
  • In January, Oxbotica raised $140 million in a Series C investment round to deploy its operating system for Universal Autonomy in multiple commercial and industrial domains worldwide.
  • Oxbotica has raised close to $225 million to date.

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