TikTok Parent ByteDance Ropes In Former Alibaba AI Expert To Chase Its ChatGPT Ambitions

  • Former leader of Alibaba Group Holding Limited's BABA M6 model DAMO Academy Intelligent Computing Lab joined TikTok parent ByteDance's AI Lab to participate in the R&D of language generation model.
  • Yang Hongxia quit Alibaba in September 2022 for personal and family reasons, Pandaily reports.
  • Reportedly, Hongxia is in a leading position within the language generation model team and reports directly to Yang Zhenyuan, vice president of ByteDance.
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  • Hongxia was the technical director of M6, a super-large-scale multimodal pre-training model in Alibaba's DAMO Academy.
  • M6 is a universal AI model with multimodal and multi-task capabilities, proficient in designing, writing, and developing questions and answers has broad application prospects in e-commerce, manufacturing, literature and art, scientific research, and other fields.
  • Alibaba first released M6 in March 2021, and it was the first sizeable multimodal model with 100 billion parameters in China. 
  • Subsequently, it changed to trillion parameters with 480 GPUs. It successfully trained a 10 trillion model within ten days based on 512 GPUs with the same parameter scale as GPT-3, with an energy consumption of only 1%.
  • By the end of 2022, Alibaba Cloud Moda Community had opened up over 300 AI models, including the M6 and Tongyi.
  • Hongxia's joining of ByteDance suggests the company's attempts to nail large model development. The ByteDance Search Department leads the company's language model team. 
  • Currently, the team size is about ten people. The intelligent creation team under the Product R&D and Engineering Architecture Department is leading the picture model team.
  • Reportedly, the image generation model's progress is progressing well, and ByteDance proposes combining it with Douyin, CapCut, and other products.
  • Photo by olivier-bergeron via Unsplash
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