Bill Gates Dismisses Concerns About AI Running Out Of Control: 'As Revolutionary As…'

Microsoft Corporation MSFT co-founder Bill Gates weighed in on the revolutionary potential of artificial intelligence, acknowledging its ability to make factual mistakes. 

What Happened: The 67-year-old billionaire and philanthropist discussed the potential of AI on his Gates Notes blog. He said OpenAI’s generation AI tools and the day in 1980 when he got introduced to a graphical user interface are two revolutionary technologies he’s come across in his lifetime. 

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Gates admitted that AI can make “factual mistakes and experience hallucinations” but called it as revolutionary as mobile phones and the internet

He said it is as “fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the internet, and the mobile phone,” adding that it “can reduce some of the world’s worst inequities.” This includes health, education and climate change.” 

Gates acknowledged that AI is disruptive enough to “make people uneasy” and raise hard questions about “the workforce, the legal system, privacy, bias, and more.” However, it can also work brilliantly in various sectors as a “productivity enhancement” agent. 

Regarding concerns about AI running out of control or machines threatening the human population, Gates said, “This problem is no more urgent today than it was before the AI developments of the past few months.”

This isn’t the first time Gates praised OpenAI’s chatGPT. He also responded similarly when asked whether he’s worried about the time when AI develops a mind of its own

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